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Map concept: DLC 2 Battle of the Dead

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                  Map concept: DLC 2 Battle of the Dead               The Unkillables Vs. The Undead 

-They'll win, or they'll die again trying-


Richtofen: Pharaoh's Island. 

(Flashes of a Dark Desolate island in the storm) 

Richtofen: Division 9's main research base. 

(Flashes of the Undead poking around the base)

Richtofen: I must admit I'd never expect a 935 scientist to so quickly to turn to these animals for assistance. 

(Flashes black) 

Tank: Of course you didn't... 

(flashes show tank, nikolai, takeo, and richtofen in glass cells) 

Tank: Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten captured.  

Takeo: I fear the world will perish if we rot in this cell...

Richtofen: Don't worry my dear Takeo... 

(A large machine covered in tesla coils crackling with energy bursts to life)

Richtofen: Maxis has a backup plan... 

(Machine Flashes to see Samuel, Marlton, Misty, and Russman appear in the machine in a purple flash)

Richtofen: Lets just hope they're up to the challenge... 

(Epic scene showing the 4 characters traversing the map and killing freak bags all over the place, to which you see quite a few things of interests: The purifier, the crossbow, a Machine similar to the HIVE specialist weapon, swimming, a bunch of frozen zombies, and the ray gun M2. ) 

Samuel: I warn you, my Badassery knows NO BOUNDS. 


Russman: WOOOOOO WEE! 

Misty:  EAT IT YOU SICK F***! 

(Trailer ends with a massive apothecon beast bursting out from the water)

Samuel: Well... We're f***ed




Intro Sequence: 

(Shows O4 in separate glass containers)

Nikolai: oh my head... Where are we? 

Richtofen: Pharoah's Island, headquarters of Division 9... 

I.. Must admit I didn't think a 935 scientist would so quickly join forces with these animals....

Tank: Of course you didn't otherwise we WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CAPTURED!

Takeo: The destruction of the moon has caused massive repercussions to the island. I fear even this room will soon be flooded. If we die here, I fear the world will perish... 

Richtofen: Don't worry my Dear Takeo... Maxis does have a back up plan... (Sparks of light appear in the machine from the trailer outside of the O4's cells. )

Lets just hope they are up to the challenge....



Outside of this map: 

This DLC contains a variety of updates to improve the gaming experience for everyone. 

For starters all maps now have a few more weapons in the box, this includes SOE, Der Eisendrache, and The Giant:


-Tal-10: A pistol weapon, unique mainly for it's customizability. You can add either a rapid-fire attachment, or a duel wield attachment for your preference by using it's weapon kit. Upgraded it becomes either Frank and Belle, or just the Frank-RPF4. 

-The Marshal-16: A powerful revolver pistol. Upgraded it becomes the head-night. 

-The Claw: A crossbow type weapon that works like the older crossbow, upgraded it becomes one of two weapons, and can be double upgraded to swap between the two: Adrenaline Andrew: Will revive downed team-mates from afar, note: ammo from this weapon will not explode, and thus is retrievable. Sara Seduction: Attracts zombies towards the bolt fired, where it will explode powerfully. 

The M1-Grand: Replaces the wall-weapon shiva in future maps, and the box-weapon shiva in previous maps. But works similar to the MK-14. Upgraded it's the M1000 and does nothing special.

-The Purifier: The flamethrower weapon from MP. Only one person can get this weapon, like in the old days with the flame thrower. Upgraded holding down the ADS button will charge a shot, allowing for a quick burst of fire. There is ammo with this weapon: You start with 999 and get 1 extra tank of 300. It depletes rapidly.

-The Ray Gun M2: There is now a new selection in weapon kits called "Wonder Weapons". Here you can swap out your ray-gun M1, for the M2 (and possibly more things in the future). You can't customize it more then that, but right now you have the choice between the M2 and the M1.


Likewise there are some new gobble gums as well: 

Bomb-Shelter: Common. ---Should a Nuke be obtained at the end of the round, the round will not progress, as a single zombie will then spawn into the map after the nuke goes off. Lasts 3 rounds.

Pyromaniacal Immolation: ULTRA-Rare: --- Spawns in a Bonfire Sale Power up. 1x activation. 

 Drunk on power: Rare. ---Multiplies bullet, melee, and explosive damage, but the less perks you have the more damage you do. Ex: 4 or more perks : 1.5x the power. 2 perks: 3x the power. 1 perk: 4x the power. 

Open sesame: Common. ---Opens the nearest door to you, regardless of the cost. x2 activations


Likewise there are ALSO two more alternate ammo types to play arround with: 


Blizzard: Freezes zombies in close proximity to the bullet, making them killable by simply running through them, but also freezes other zombies in slightly farther reach for a short time. -Slightly longer recharge then Blast furnace. 

Anti-grav: Causes zombies close by it to start floating away. The floating zombies will eventually get slammed back down, killing zombies under it. 



The map: 

Misty, Marlton, Samuel, and Russman start off at Buried: Within the church where windows and the front door have been boarded up. A hunched over big guy can be seen in the corner with a bottle of booze near him. You can't exit the church, although zombies will come in, and there is a vulture's aid perk machine here you CAN buy for 3000. Up the balcony you can find a wall-buy for a M1-Garand.


This first area is sort of like No-man's land, as the initial round is infinite, and the zombies become stronger and stronger over time.  It's also timed for your leaderboard. 

-Map Mechanic: Revives-
The first zombie to enter will have blue eyes, and the rest will have Orange (maxis's easter egg has been done). It will also talk, as it's just ethereal richtofen in a zombies body.

This zombie is special, as it gives the player a revive point on the side of the screen. It's simple really, 1 richtofen zombie kill gives you 1 revive point. If you go down in solo, or die-off in co-op you can use your revive point to appear back with your weapons somewhere in the map instantly. When you revive yourself, you'll appear in a random-opened location of the map in a burst of purple light similar to the die-rise opening. 

However, each time you revive yourself, you need DOUBLE the richtofen zombie kills to revive yourself again. 


For example, your first revive requires 1 kill, but your second required 2 MORE. The 3rd requires 4. The 4th needs 8. The 5th, 16, and so on and so forth. Also: There is no quick revive in this map. The gobble-gums that are effected by respawning will do this: 

Impatient: Will respawn you back in naturally before the end of the round as per usual, however you can use a revive to just instantly revive yourself and keep your guns.

Arm's Grace: Gives all weapons back without using a revive (also requires you to spawn naturally) 



After the first few zombie kills, a sort of portal will appear in the sanctuary of the church. Enter that to teleport to the base of the machine. Note: This is a 1 way teleport, and once you go through the only way to get back is to get REALLY lucky with an "anywhere but here" gobble gum, meaning this is the only time you can buy vulture's aid. Even if you teleport back however, rounds will still progress, but the infinite round is still a no-go. 


Starting room: 

You spawn in the middle of a circular room at the base of a tower of machinery. Below your feet is a small circle of sand. There's a gumball machine in the corner as well. Above you is a walkway, on that walkway is a man in a lab coat. When he sees you he intervenes: 

Dr. Gersh: Who the hell are you? 

Richtofen (in glass container behind a gate): AH YES, these MUST be the agents Maxis.... Oh please god tell me these aren't them... 

Takeo: You must free us! 

N4: Yeah... The last time I did that it didn't work all that well for me.... 

Dr. Gersh: If you are truly here for the imposters, or my test subject, it does not matter. Here. Have some fun with my new pets...  Dr. Yuri! Trigger  Protocol 41.  

*Warning floodgates open, submersible needed to traverse Lemurian Base

*Warning test subjects #24-803 have been freed

Nikolai: Ha! He opened our... Wait no still locked... 

Richtofen: I don't think the computer is talking about US as the test subjects...

*Zombies begin spawning

Tank: Look. you have to trust us! Get us out of here and we can fix everything! 

Richtofen: PLEASE WE NEED YOU TO... *Door slams shut cutting him off. 

*Zomb-tofen appears appears: HEY sammy! I followed you here! Who were you just talking to by the way? 


Once the protocol has been completed, the doors will unlock allowing one to enter the rest of the map: There are 4 main areas to begin with. 

Note-There is no power switch on this map. It's all on and ready from the beginning. 


There are two exits to the spawn: Exit the building or use the elevator.


Exit the building: 

The outside of the map is quite wet from the storm. In fact, numerous waist-high mini-lakes have appeared. Traverse the swampy marsh and you'll find a few areas that lead to base 6 and base 14. The base you're at now is base 2.  

Base 6:  


Base 6 has specialized in rapid growth of plant life and was over-run and abandoned a few months prior. In the second floor you can find a helmet piece, as well as one (possibly) of the two new perks: Turbo-Booster

Turbo-Booster: A special perk that replaces stamin-up in this map. It makes it so when you're sprinting, after a short while you'll get a speed boost as opposed to tiring out. Afterwards you'll have to tire out as opposed to never tiring out with a normal stamin-up. This perk isn't actually always here. Similar to Deadshot and Stamin-up in The Giant, this perk will SOMETIMES be Stamin-up, and sometimes be Turbo-Booster. The real difference between them is Stamin-up is meant for land traversal, and has no effect in water, and Turbo-Booster maintains it's effects in water.  And no you can't get the other one from the wonderfizz. 

Other then that, building 6's only other use is the possible box location on the 3rd floor.  I should mention, that only the box location at building 6, or Building 14 has a visible box light. Anywhere else is too far underground to see the light from most of the map. Likewise, the box will ALWAYS spawn either in building 6 or 14. 


Base 14: 

Unlike base 6 where water is only waist-high, Base 14's entrance is completely submerged in water. 

Enter Water Mechanics

Breathing: You need to do this surprisingly. Like in MP, you have about 30-45 seconds of under-water time before you die of drowning. With the Scuba Gear, you can survive for much longer (about 10 minutes) before you need to refill the air-tanks in it. 

Zombies: These guys behave similar to how they do in Der Eisendrache's Low-gravity chamber. 


They shamble across the floor much slower then they would on land. However, they still chase you, and can sort of bounce after you. It's important to watch for zombies both below and above you, even if they are slow, they still hit hard. Note: Swimming is a bit easier however then the wall-running section of DE. I say this because in DE, your character model is still vertical whilst airborne. While swimming, your character is more flat, and thus so is the hitbox. You are LONGER now however. 

Movement: Lucky for us swimming mechanics are already present in BO3 and it's multiplayer, and generally it works the same as that.  However with the scuba-gear on, you'll find you'll float downward much faster. 

Downing: If you drown, or go down by any other means, you will sink to the bottom of the body of water you're in. There you will act as if you're on land. 

Perks: There is one wonder-fizz location hidden under-water. Should you attempt to use it, you can grab the perk, but you won't be able to drink it, or use a weapon, until you enter take off your scuba suit, or enter an area with air.

On the topic of fire damage: Yup that's useless now. The purifier, blast furnace, and the burning gobble gum are all useless underwater and will deal 0 damage. 

On the topic of Electrical Damage: This stuff is now super effective and will cause things like pop-shocks and deadwire to chain easier in water. Beware wonder-waffe shots however (not that it's in the map) 

On the topic of the Ray-Gun: The ray-gun M1 is actually more effective underwater then the M2. Why? Because the M2 doesn't do nearly as much damage underwater, and the plasma bullets travel much slower. The M1 however, works just as well underwater. 

On the topic of drops: Normal drops do happen underwater, don't worry. However, what you'll find that Vulture's aid isn't as effective down there. For one, stench clouds will not appear in water, likewise ammo drops and point drops will sease as well in water. The ability to see the box, gum machines, perks, and the lights of zombie eyes does remain however. 

Airlocks: There are certain areas of the map that have airlock functions. Like Moon, there is a force field barrier keeping the water out in a series of double-door corridors. 


Back to building 14, there is a possible box location, but more importantly there's the other suit part to scuba gear buildable here.

This building was fully in-tact before the floods came due to the destruction of the moon, and was used as a basic lab for none other then Dr. Monty. 

There is one more significant thing here in this building. There is actually a hidden room, to open it you will need the "Open Sesame" Gobble-gum. Stand in the lower portion of the room with the gum and activated it, near the large steal doors. They will open exposing a small room filled with knocked over perk bottle, and broken perk machines. The door is otherwise not open-able without the gum. There's nothing IN this room with any significant value, other then a few cyphers detailing some long awaited info on Dr. Monty and his involvement with Division 9.  


Use the Elevator: If you go back to building 6, you'll find an elevator (250 points to use) that will bring you up to the walkway Gersh was on earlier. He would have retreated behind a large metal door, which apparently is also the main elevator into the other half of the map. It works much like a bathysphere. If you notice, there is a buildable work-bench next to the door. First build the scuba-gear and equip it. 



The most important item for you to have in this game. It's pretty simple in design. Push Up and you'll put on your helmet, similar to an PES on Moon. However, if you notice, you now have an oxygen gauge, when it hits zero, you start to drown (meaning you will then have 30-45 seconds). To refill it you will need to find a gas-tank, similar to the ones found on SOE and DE to refill the rocket-sheild. You have a good 10 minutes of air at a full tank, but as you take hits from zombies underwater, your gas-tank will deplete somewhat faster. 

As I've said before, you are somewhat weighted now and will fall to the ground while wearing the suit, although it's hardly noticeable unless you're standing still in water.  You also can't drink perks with this on. As well, you can't actually put this ON in water. You can take it off, or refill it with a gas tank, but you can't put it back on. 

Once you get to the lower portion of the map, you'll find that much like moon, most airlock locations have a station where you can grab a suit, or refill yours with air. This is so if you die down there, you can grab a suit and escape without too much issue. 


Once you actually have the scuba gear this will somehow allow the bathysphere door to open via a malfunction. Dr. Yuri will curse the system over the intercom. 

The tunnel is similar to the well on der eisdrache, jump down it however, and you'll land in a large body of water above a machine which uses Anti-gravity-Divinium.  Stand above this machine and it will after a few seconds, catapult you up to the entrance to the elevator.

Down here is the other 60% of the map: The Lemurian base

This is a massive underground cave and underwater ruined city, with a ring of scientifical stations around the city, and a large base in the center. 


Russman: Woah... What is this place...

Samuel: This Russman, ole buddy, is atlantis! I told you it was real!

Marlton: Actually If my calculations are right, we're in the south pacific Stuhlinger, meaning this would be of Lemurian descent, not Atlantian. 

Yuri: Doctor Gersh... It appears that the intruders have made it into the city! 

Gersh: Arm the defensive gate, allow nothing to leave this facility! Lock the moon pool as well, we can't allow them in here to interfere with the test subject. 

Yuri: A countermeasure is in order sir. We should relocate the subject into a more secure location. 

Gersh: I suppose so. If they get that door open they could very well ruin everything. 

Yuri: Could you imagine what would have happened without Dr. Groph's warning all those years ago? 

Gersh: I try not to, may he and the rest of Griffin Station be at peace... 

*Arming outer ring barrier (the thing that keeps you from swimming out to sea off map)

*Sealing Station 7 Moon-Pool Access. 


You now have to make a choice. The outer ring is completely inaccessible, save the windows of stations 1, 8, and 12.  You'll have to break that window to get inside and open access to the airlocks. Breaking the window will flood the room, moving some objects, but more importantly it makes the perk inside submerged in water, meaning you'll have to take your helmet off to drink it. 

Station 1: contains Juggernog, and borders station 5 and 9

Station 8: Contains Speed Cola, and borders station 9 and 11.

Station 12: Contains the new perk: PHD Flite, and borders station 10 and 3

PHD Flite:

Is the new and improved Calorie-free version of PHD flopper. It does quite a few things: 
-Nullifies fall damage: So, say you fall and take a bit of damage, no big deal, PHD Flite stops all forms of fall damage, just like in previous games. 

-Eliminates self-damage: Tired of deaths from ray-gun splash damage and over-cooked grenades? No fear, as before PHD Flite stops all forms of splash damage. 

-Scubba-gear: Totally cancels out the heavy effect of wearing scuba gear! No more sinking for you!

-Slams: If you jump off an area high enough, and hold B mid-air, you now do a SLAM attack onto the ground making an explosion similar to before. Does not work when jumping into water. 


A lot of the ring is pretty self explanatory. There are 15 rooms in the base total: 

Room 1 contains jug in the ring,

 Room 2 is the spawn room,

Room 3 borders room 12,

Room 4 is located at the bottom of the map, bellow base 7, it contains pack-a-punch.

Room 5 borders room 1,

Room 6 is up top,

room 7 houses gersh, takeo 1.0, and Yuri,

room 8 holds Speed cola in the ring,

Room 9 borders the other side of room 1,

room 10 borders room 12,

 Room 11 Borders room 8,

room 12 contains PHD Flite,

room 13 is accessed secretly ;)

room 14 is up top,

and room 15 is located between room 5 and 3. 


Now, after entering any room in the ring by shooting open the window, open doors towards room 15, that will contain the airlock manual override, to which opens all the airlocks, including the one to room 4 at the bottom along the ruins. 

Room 4 however contains Pack A Punch, as well as one MEAN SOAB boss creature. An experiment created with apothecon knowledge and division 9's scientific research: 

The marg-water. It's a hideous snake like-being that traverses through the water. It's your job to fight it (don't worry it gets it's own round once you activate the airlocks that won't end until the beast either subsides, or you kill it.) 


*Airlocks A-I now active. Warning, Subject 912 has escaped. 


Gersh: Don't worry Doctor Yuri, the moon-pool chamber is still secure... 

Yuri: Dr. Gersh! Stay away from the moon pool hatch! 

Gersh: What are you talking about Yu... 

*MUARRRRRRR (Margwater takes a big ole bite out of Gersh's arm,breaking the moon pool chamber open. 

Gersh: AH! Yuri! My Arm! MY F*** ARM! What the hell IS that thing? 

Yuri: I am sorry Sir. I.. Experimented on the Apothican test subject... 


Yuri: Dr. Gersh... This was assigned to me by Dr. Shuster Himself. Top secret... I do apologize. 

DAMN SHUSTER AND DAMN YOU! We... We need to move... Gah... Quickly... To station 16.... . 

Yuri: What about the test... 


(Teleport sound)

(After this, the moon pool beneath the station 7 will open. To be clear, station 16 is inaccessible at all, and just serves as a place of operation for Yuri and Gersh.  ) 

Now you need to fend off the Marg-water. Note: You can only combat it within the ring, and you don't have a means to "Kill" it yet. However, you can still destroy it's multiple heads. It's MUCH stronger then an average Margwa btw. IF you manage to "kill" it by destroying it's 5 heads, it will teleport away like a regular margwa and leave behind a perk-drop. The margwater will come every 7 rounds until you kill it for good. 


Defeat the marg-water, or just hide from it for a few minutes, and you can enter station 7. Inside you'll find the takeo subject very much like the Dempsey Subject in a container. Likewise, the bathysphere that had Gersh and Yuri transported here can now be used to travel back to the surface in style,  like the tram in SOE, it costs 500 points as well. It's not really needed however, as it is traversable for free using the machine from earlier. It's just faster and cooler this way. 


Perks on the map: Recap:

Juggernog: Station 1

Double Tap 2.0: Outside station 14. 

Speed Cola: Station 8

Deadshot Daiquiri: Wonderfizz only

Stamin-up: POSSIBLY in Station 6

Turbo-Booster: POSSIBLY in Station 6

PHD Flite: Station 12

Mule Kick: Station 7

Electric Cherry: Wonderfizz only 

Widows Wine: Wonderfizz only (doesn't work under water)

Vulture's Aid: Church 


Specialist weapon: Nano Launcher:

Works exactly like the HIVE in multiplayer. It launches a sticky-grenade of a swarm of Micro-bots that dissolve the flesh of zombies. A swarm is activated by proximity like a trip-mine. Once active, any zombie that walks/swims through the swarm will also be devoured by the nano bots. It's deadly effective so use it wisely. To obtain, you need to find the 3 parts for it and build it within either Station 9 or station 7. One part is hidden in the ruins that scatter the bottom of the ring. Another part is hidden in the secret "Room 13" (please excuse how I keep changing between Room, Station, and Base) The Final Part is located in one of the rooms around the ring. 

Room 13: 

Room 13 is a mysterious location indeed. It only becomes accessible AFTER room 7 has been opened. Return to the surface world, and keep walking around until you start to hear a buzzing noise. Once you do, hold X or Square or Action button until a black-hole-gersh device appears. You will then be teleported to room 13. Here you'll find THE ORIGINAL Doctor Gersh in this room with the Kassimir Mechanism in the center. He won't say anything productive now, but you can grab the part in room 13. Outside the room is an odd void of mathematical equations and philosophical imagery that won't make any sense.

Main Wonder Weapon: 

The catalyst pistol: There are 4 of these total, but each player can only hold one at a time. The upgrade for these weapons make them all unique, but the base weapon does the same thing: 

The pistol holds 20/60 and each shot is a mini-shotgun blast that desintigrates any zombie before it. 

There are 4 ways to obtain the base weapon: 
1 Player can get the gun from the box. 

1 Player can receive the weapon as a result of Feeding a Soul box that spawns at the bottom of the watery floor.

1 Player can get one from Room 13. 

and 1 Player can get one from activating 4 levers around the map in station 5, 4, 14, and 3. (It will appear as a drop in the sand where you first spawn in.) 

There are now 4 different upgrade paths to get 4 different pistols: 

Dark-matter shot: 

To get this you will first need to put your pistol into the black table in room 7. 

Now, you will need to lead a horde of zombies under the mechanism in room 11. This will infuse them with dark-matter. You will then need to take that horde all the way over to room 7 and kill them in front of your pistol. 

Eventually you can move onto the next step, matching the symbols. In the ruins bellow, there are 8 symbols, each with a match. Simply shoot the symbol with any weapon, then the corresponding symbol to proceed to step 3: 

You can now pick up your dark-matter gun, but when you do, you'll be teleported to the dark-world where everything is inverted in color. You won't be able to kill zombies in this world. Instead, you need to head to the big purple obelisk you can now see in room 2. Place the gun into it and you'll be back in the regular world. 

Rebirth: Sadly, to do this next part you will need to use the death switch in room 2. Doing so will kill you instantly (but it won't count as a down on the leaderboards) but it will consume the next level of revive points. Dieing regularly will not work, and neither will waiting for the next round to start. 

When you return, you'll have your old weapons, perks, and the Dark-Matter shot: This little beauty is insta-kill any zombie on any round. It holds 25/100 ammo, but only effects one zombie at a time. Likewise, you can "Charge" a shot to use 5 bullets, and it will create an obelisk that appears from the ground which will kill any zombie that it blasts. 


Step 1: Place gun into blue table in room 7. 

Step 2: You will need to use the wonderfizz, doing so will give you a new "perk" hydro-fuel. 

Step 3: This weird perk allows you to put your diving helmet on underwater, doing so will fill your suit with water making you SUPER HEAVY. (PHD Flite is recommended). You will now need to kill zombies in room 5, 1, 11, and 9 near symbols on the floor, while weighted down with the water. After which, the perk will disappear, your suit will drain, and you can pick your gun up from the table, but it doesn't work just yet. Likewise the water at station 6 will have turned sparkly. 

Rebirth: This final step requires you to drown in this magic pool at station 6 with the. This is only possible by going prone in the water for a full 30-45 seconds. When you return (assuming you had the required upgrade points) you will have the Hydro shot: 

The hydro shot creates a burst of water from it's nozzle and holds 10/50. Underwater this will shatter and explode anything in range to kingdom come. Above water it causes an effect similar to the wolf-bow, but with water. Unlike the Darkmatter shot, you do not charge this one. 

Apothecon Shot:

This is likely the hardest gun to obtain out of the 4, but is the most effective as well. 

The apothecon shot starts the same as the others, although there is an ALTER not a table for this one. 

The next step involves scouring the map for 8 ritual circles. You will need to kill zombies in these circles in a timely manner. After two minutes, the step will reset and must be completed the next round. 

After each circle is completed, a symbol will appear in each circle. Remember what order you killed zombies in because these symbols will determine what order you need to input the code on the 8 symbols that appear on the floor. Do it right, and a Marg-water will be summoned. 

This is one of the only times zombies will appear beside a margwater, and for good reason, you will need to feed zombies to the beast until it's satisfied.(Yellow mouths turn purple). 

Rebirth: Yup, get your revive points ready, because you have to let that Marg-water eat you entirely while holding the gun you just got back from the alter. This will defeat the beast and it will respawn you elsewhere in the map with the Apothecon-Shot:

The Apothecon Shot is... Weird... But effective.  It holds 10/75 and works a bit like the seliquifier, only, instead of a chemical, a worm will crawl into the zombie you shot it with, and then burst from that zombie (killing it) and moving onto the next host, each time more worms erupt from the zombie then before. It can be super effective against hordes. 

The boom-shot

Once again, load the gun into the table. 

You will then need to head arround the map and look for tiny holes in walls and the ground and throw grenades into them. 

Once all the grenade holes have been filled, head to room 14. Once inside you will need to continuously kill zombies in here until you can get a nuke drop, once someone gets a nuke, a red button will BRIEFLY appear, push it to advanced to step 3: 

You will likely want either PHD Flite or Danger closest for this one. You need to kill zombies with an unlimited amount of grenades for about 50 kills (like that step in Exo-Zombies). 

Rebirth: At this point you will need to head to room 14, where entering here will re-enable explosive damage. You will need to cook a grenade and die from it, whilst holding your gun, to re-appear with your new gun (s): The Boom-Shot

The boom-shot is actually duel wielded: Left hand is the detonator, right hand is the bullet. It holds 30/90 shots. The initial bullet does no more damage then the starting pistol, however, pushing the ADS button, will NOW cause the bullet you just shot with to detonate obliterating the zombie it was shot with, as well as blast away any zombie near them too. I should also mention: Even without PHD Flite/Danger closest, you will not receive explosive damage from this weapon. 



Note: Unlike the bows/Staffs, you can not share pistols. The one you do is YOURS entirely, and that can not be changed. 


Main Easter Egg:

As before we have a problem. Even with the map opened up, we have to get richtofen (and co) to takeo 1.0. 

0How to do this? Simple: We just need to unlock their cells. 

The console for unlocking them is located in station 7, however you do not know the code. 

To get the code, you must first have the fallowing: 

-Each player must have an upgraded pistol 

-At least one player should have the HIVE gun. 

-A flame weapon is needed of some sorts in co-op, be it the flame thrower or blast furnace, or thermite if that ends up in the map somehow. In solo, you do not need this. 


1: The ultimatum: After each player has upgraded their gun. Yuri will contact you: 

Yuri: Please... you must help us... 

Dr. Gersh is in great pain, and has blacked out. I believe he will be dead soon without proper medical attention. The death of this man would be devastating for division 9.... And I don't really care what Shuster and the rest of 935 think. I purpose... A trade... 

Bring me something to save this man... And I will unlock the captured imposters. 

Samuel: Hey marlton... You know anything about how to save him? 

Marlton: Yeah... I think so... I did used to work for the military.

Russman: Now hold on a minute. How can we trust these two. They've been trying to kill us ALL DAMN DAY. 

Misty: The way I see it, I doubt there's anything else they can throw at us. Hell, maybe they're even telling the truth. 

Russman: Fine. We'll help them. But when they turn on us you owe me one of them there alcoholic beverages little girl. 


You will need to start off by heading to station 14, where Dr. Monty was stationed. Here, you should find a bottle of quick revive on the ground. Pick it up, and bring it to any in-active wonderfizz machine. This will teleport the perk through to Dr. Gersh and Yuri. 


Yuri: What is this? Ah yes... One of Dr. Monty's Elixers!

*Drinking noises heard. 

Gersh: Yur... Yuri? Where Am I? 

Yuri: It's no good... The potion managed to save his life temporarily, but, he'll just continue to bleed out. I need his arm back... You must kill the beast.


You will first need to know how to kill the beast: The answer? You need to combat it on your turf. 

To do this, you will need to re-route the force-field emitters from each of the airlocks, to the main ring. To do THIS you will need to fallow intricate paths along the ring, starting in room 15, and ending in room 11. There is one long wire connecting the two rooms, however there are sections where this wire is incomplete. To fix this simply hold X on the wire. Once the circuit is complete, the force field will surround the ring: NOTE- Work lively,  Once the round is over, the circuit will break, and you'll need to restart entirely with re-wiring the circuit again. 

Note: When the force fields are on the outside, it means ALL RING CHAMBERS are flooded. Only room 7 has air now. You now need to work on removing water from inside the field. There now exists a stone at the bottom of the ring which is glowing blue. Take it, and bring it to station 2, where you can put it in the machine. You will then need to survive the endless wave while the machine works (don't worry, killing these zombies does not progress the round). Slowly but surely the ball will forge into gold, once done. Pick it up, and return to the base of the ring, placing it back from where you got it. 


This will summon 4 keepers. 

 Activate all 4 to trigger the next scene: 


All the water will be sucked into the keepers, and the marg-water will be summoned as well. 

This step is a fairly easy boss-fight. It's a labyrinth of a city now, but you should be able to traverse it, however if you see the marg-water approach, RUN. The pistol now is meant to stun the Marg-water and it's the only weapon that can. 

Likewise you can find the keepers around the maze. First lead the marg-water to a keeper, and activate it, filling that portion of the map with some water, this also tells the margwater it's ok to open it's mouths. once it does, use the HIVE in the beast's mouth to prime it. Once primed, activate the keeper again and the margwater will fall and begin spazzing out in pain.  You will then need a fire-based weapon to do some real damage though, as the nanobites swarm it's insides, red spots will appear on the creature, burn all of those to kill the beast for good. 


Grab Gersh's arm from the dead marg-water and put it in a tube in station 7.This will fix Gersh. 

Yuri: Thank You. And... as payment, here; the passcode to your friend's cell. (A suction sound is heard as a piece of paper appears out of the same tube in station 7)

Gersh: Wha... What are you DOING Yuri! They are the ENEMY! 

Yuri: I needed their help to save you Doctor...


Gersh: Computer... Gah... Restrict Yuri's access to all operations, under the authority of me, Dr. Gersh, Password, Kassimir.... 


Take the paper to the cells with the O4 and something strange will happen. 

*Warning Paradox detected. 

Gersh*: You idiot fools...Are somehow... Also time travellers.... This is concerning... But no matter... The aetheric nature of this machine can not help you if it's off. And... Just for good measure, Computer shut down power to all exterior devices. 

Yuri: But... Why? This isn't necessary..

Gersh: Does it bother you Dr. Yuri...

Yuri: Slightly... I mea..



You now will take control of the O4 characters, note: They will have your same weapons, but no perks, or revives, likewise all the machines are off as well. 

Your next order of business is to get to takeo. 

To do that you need to see ORIGINAL Gersh in room 13. Once in the room, Gersh will recognize the heros who saved him, and tell of the Paradoxes that came before. He will then give each player an object, depending on who you were: 

Stuhlinger: Book

Marlton: A zombie's head

Russman: Numbers

Misty: Wrench


If you travel around the map now, you'll find that all the radios have been replaced with new ones. Depicting a bit of backstory to each character. 

Misty's Grandfather was the same man who built PAP. 

Samuel Stuhlinger was adapted into his cult after he found the journal of Dr. Maxis. 

Marlton was a part of the american 935 research and reverse-engineering division, but kept severely out of the loop. 

Russman, the focal point of all, was part of the original team to raid the abandoned Division 9 site, a year before the disaster. He found the journal of Dr. Maxis, as well as things like the PAP and the many zombies marelton snitched on. Russman was later fired because during the broken arrow raid, he became compromised with a number sequence, telling him to head to the same location in Eastern Africa: the rift. 

You will now need to fulfill each of these 4's paradoxes by placing these items in correct areas around the map. There will be a ghost of each character surrounding these things. Misty will be near PAP, with no idea what it is. Samuel will be at gun point in room 14, without the book, Marlton will be in building 6 poking at a machine, and Russman will be roaming around in station 2. 

Give them each what they want and prepare for the final step: 

Dr. Gersh will appear out of a black-gersh-device-hole in room 16. 


Gersh O: So... This is the kind of man I've become. 

Gersh: Are... Who.. How...

GO: I'm you from a different time... I've seen and survived far worse then you have. And Yuri... I never got to say this... But I'm sorry for what I did...

Yuri: What are you talking....

GO: Alas. My explanations do not matter. The only thing that matters is this... 

G: What are you.... 

(Gersh device noise) 



You 4.... I am sorry for all I have done. Here... power is restored... 



Richtofen: Takeo.... I know this is hard to do... But it is necessary. 

Takeo: It is the way of the warrior to die Doctor.... But only alongside honor. 

I fear....  I must do this alone.... (removes kattana) 

Richtofen: *Nods

(Taking his sword he places it over takeo 1.0's heart)

Takeo: "You did your duty honorably..." *Slice

Richtofen will then absorb Takeo's soul into the summoning key. 

Nikolai: It takes a big man to do that friend.... 

Takeo: .... Thank you... Nikolai.... 

*Richtofen will approach a panel at this time and say: 

Dr. Gersh. Keep an Eye on those 4 for me. Especially Sammy. He needs it. 

Zomb-tofen: Ahahaha, you know you can't trust him right? 

This IS me we are talking about.... Why would you EVER (Bang)..... 

Richtofen: As if killing myself once wasn't morbid enough. 

Tank: I still don't trust you Doc. But at this point we really don't have a choice. Hurry up and send us where we need to go... 

Richtofen: Not WHERE Dempsey...  (looks at him) When.... (Flash of teleporting light from within chamber 7). 


Congrats! You've completed the whole easter egg! 

-Honors Graduate

Your reward is you get all perks, permanently. Even on solo, as remember, there is no quick revive, so it's not game-breaking. 

You also resume control of the N4 Characters, and gersh will occasionally speak from time to time.  


Well that's the BASE of this map! Hope you enjoyed!

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I think these map concepts are great. Im planning to make once one too. Any tips?

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-Base the specialist weapon off a MP specialist weapon (sword-Spectre, Annihilator-Annihilator, Ragnarok-Gravity spikes) 

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