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Your opinions on a Wonder Weapon Kit


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Ok, so here's the scenario.

We're given a new weapon kit. And in that kit is the ability to alter the ray gun. Not by conventional means, like altering scopes and fast mags, but rather, totally swap out the weapon entirely. 

Now, for all season's pass holders, and DLC 2 holders (for example) the ray-gun M2 is a default unlockable, available once the weapon hits level 4. 

Here's the fun part: There are other alternates you can swap it out for. Namely, fan-favorite wonder weapons from past maps.

For instance 

-The wave gun - To unlock, you will need to survive without opening any doors for 10 waves on any map.

-The baby-maker- To unlock, survive a whole round buy only killing crawlers. 

-The Blunder-gat Survive using only a shotgun for 5 consecutive rounds past round 15

-The Thundergun. - You will need over 200 kills with using the blast-sheild to unlock.


At first, you might think: WOAH NELLY, those weapons are SUPER OP to have in any given BO3 map! But are they though? 

Remember, ANY given weapon can be made OP with alternate ammo types. You could get to any round with a pharo and KN-44 if you wanted to and were good with the training. 

-You can not buy ammo for these weapons, like you can with wall weapons. 

-These weapons have severely limited ammo, likewise the thundergun does not produce drops and neither does the baby maker I think. 

-With the zap guns, even if they are insta-kill, does not chain to zombies, one zombie per bullet. Unlike alternate ammo types which can kill a horde of zombies with a single bullet. 

-The box is RDG, my little sister and I play the giant all the time and she has yet to ONCE get the raygun. 

-We've not seen these wonder weapons in forever, and it'd be amazing to be able to play any game you want with them. 


Your thoughts?

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I like the idea, but I like the feeling of getting or a raygun or a thundergun out the box. When you change the raygun to the thundergun for example, you cant get the raygun out of the box, right?

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That would be the premise.  (Yes)

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Can we have a special Pack-a-Punch machine? 

One that turns the VMP into the Thompson? And the Vesper into the STG-44, and so on....

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We can only dream Koslans... We can only dream....

 Oh and hope they just add those weapons into the box. 

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This is a fantastic concept! I always thought, prior to BO3s release, that they were going to put the player in charge of things like the chalk drawings and their placement or designing what can and can't be in the box during a given game. Instead we are able to modify our weapon attachments during a given game and that's about it. I like being able to unlock wonder weapons and modify them but I would prefer it if they were unlocked in the box. As in, complete the aforementioned challenge in the original post and then the next time you hit the box, that weapon may appear. It makes the game more exciting and I wouldn't mind if these were "every game" challenges. These challenges that you created are in every map and they are there to provide a challenge for the player who wants a specific wonder weapon badly. It would work just like the Mark 2 in BO2 where only those who completed the challenge have an opportunity to snag the weapon. All players can complete the challenge and have an opportunity to try for the weapon but there are a lot of nerfs that would have to be implemented in order to balance out whether or not players can complete all challenges and have available all weapons or complete one and are granted one. 

Also, this could be added to a concept of Challenge Gums that when applied prior to a match can yield special wonder weapons that aren't on the map initially or could grant intense EXP boosts or 2x Divinium for the game. I like the idea of Wonder Gums that yield wonder weapons. Hmmm... A cross breed of Wonder Gums and Challenge Gums to create a challenge-based wonder gum that gives the player a random roll of the best wonder weapons in Zombies History after completing a gum-specific challenge. Call it the Mystery Gum. Complete the Challenge to try your luck with Lady Evil! Finally completed the challenge of 115 headshots? Roll the mystery gum and see what wonder weapon awaits you... The Wave Gun! And if the player happens to accidentally place their new-found wonder weapon into the box, samantha will laugh and the weapon will disappear off the map forever! Fun!

Edit: Wouldn't the Mystery Gum concept be extremely more popular than daily challenges? How about we initialize a replacement for Daily Challenges with Daily Challenge Gums. Anything better than "Just do it".

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