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GobbleGum Trivia

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The lights on the side of the GobbleGum Machine blink once, then once again and finally five times in a row. These blinks of light represent the number “115” in reference to Element 115.


When a Fire Sale is obtained, all GobbleGum Machine locations will become active and will only cost 10 Points. After a GobbleGum has been purchased, the GobbleGum Machine will be locked until the next round, like with normal use.


Paying for the GobbleGum Machine to dispense a Mega GobbleGum but not taking it will lead to it being returned into the pool. This means it can be obtained again, in the same or another game, without taking up a use of the Mega GobbleGum.


If you have used up a Mega GobbleGum but it still remains in your Pack, receiving it from the GobbleGum Machine will display the message “Out of {Mega GobbleGum Name}”. Players will not be able to use the GobbleGum Machine until the next round after this, counting it as a use.


In the Zombies Menu and inside of Dr. Monty’s Factory, it is addressed as such. But when viewing a friend's profile who is using Dr. Monty’s GobbleGum Factory, it calls it the “MegaChew Factory”. This can be accounted for being the actual name of the building, whereas the inclusion of Dr. Monty’s name shows it is his production.


A GobbleGum was cut from the Classic GobbleGum pool. This can be found within the files of the game and can be seen on the GobbleGum poster. Its name was “Private Eyes”, a reference to being a Private Investigator (Private Eye). The gumball was blue and had the image of a figure looking through a magnifying glass. Its ability is thought to be the same as the “Sixth Sense” Perk in Multiplayer. Whether it will be added with upcoming DLC is unknown at this juncture.


The “Phoenix Up” Common Mega GobbleGum has a name and a function that is in reference to Final Fantasy, which contains an item called “Phoenix Down” that first appeared in the second game of the franchise. Whereas “Phoenix Up” revives all players that are down in a match, “Phoenix Down” would revive knocked out players in battle.


Using the “Anywhere But Here!” GobbleGum to teleport to a random location will give more places to travel to depending on what locations are open. If limited areas are open, the teleportation range will be lower.


When riding on the train and using the “Anywhere But Here!” players will be taken off the train and given a short duration of freedom. Once the train reaches its destination they will be transported back onto the train.


On “The Giant”, if the last Hellhound of a round is killed with the “Burnt Out” GobbleGum, it will not produce a Max Ammo power up.


In “Shadows of Evil”, if a player goes to the Lady’s Secret in the Canal District and throws four Widows Wine grenades directly into the four lion statues mouths, a white GobbleGum will be dispensed from a random statues mouth. This can be picked up and taken to the Lil’ Candy Shop to place on a plate inside the building that is next to a GobbleGum poster. Leaving this for a whole round will cause it to grow. Once it is a large enough size, it can be taken again and will give players a free Mega GobbleGum.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC 1 Awakening introduced four new Mega GobbleGum. These were: Crawl Space, Fatal Contraption, Undead Man Walking and Head Drama.

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I wanted to split the two up as I felt like it would be better to have a post for just GobbleGum Trivia.

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