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Dead Wire is awesome!

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So as a lot would agree, the Dead Wire ammo type used to suck. However, today I'd been playing with a friend on Der Eisendrache and we were running some trains. I got Dead Wire on my Vesper and ran out of points before I got Blast Furnace, so I had to roll with it. I'd noticed dramatic changes from before.

It now practically turns your bullet into a Wunderwaffe shot. It only used to kill 4 zombies per shot and had poor chaining range, but now it kills about 10 per shot and chains just as well as the Wunderwaffe. I thought I was going nuts  or maybe I'd just been crap at using it before but could have sworn I'd also read it'd only kill 4 per bullet, so I googled it and stumbled across this video by MrDalekJD, turns out it's true and it has been updated!


Also turns out you don't slow down nearly as much as you used to when hit while sprinting, I'd noticed training getting easier recently so it's good to see this confirmed.

Will this make you rethink letting out a sigh when you get your gun back with Dead Wire on it? Certainly will for me - about 5 second recharge time, 10 kills per shot - this means you can kill half-groups and make training much faster. I'm a big fan of these new updates!

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This would have been awesome while I was achievement farming for all of the alternate ammo types haha but it's good I think that treyarch is making changes in the game. The sprinting not slowing you down is something I suggested a long time ago when the game had just come out, I'm super happy to see that come into effect

Here is where I discussed it, if anyone is interested:


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13 hours ago, AllStar_Caino said:

I'm sorry but I love blast furnace too much. Training round the rocket wait till all the zombies are gathered up and set them on flames. It is too pleasing. 

As per the video though, Blast Furnace has been nerfed a little in this update, you can't kill an entire group with it. If you're playing co-op and only getting half groups anyway then fair enough, but it's now a sub-par option for solo really.

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I was running the front room in Der Riese yesterday just zapping half groups with Dead Wire on the RK5 pistol off the wall right where I was running (and on the Vesper and VMP as well), once the spawns get fast you just shoot every 5-6 seconds and you'll get through the rounds so quickly! It's like the first room Wunderwaffe camping strategy but you more or less have infinite ammo where you can keep buying it off the wall.

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