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Mr. Roflwaffles may have stumbled onto something...

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By which I mean he may have hit something more significant then he realizes. 

In his latest video: 


He shows that the BO3 perk bottles now sport a 935 logo. HOWEVER, as we believe, electric cherry is sort of a mystery perk. It's perk machine has never been seen or  heard outside of the map "Mob of the Dead" where it plays a prominent role of being the only perk machine to NOT be flickering in and out of existence. 


My question is this; If EC is truly a perk made in the nether world that is MOTD, would it have a 935 logo on it? After all the machine it's self IS prominently linked to being linked to alcatraz in some way, as seen by the lack of flickering.  If that's the case how can EC be both created by the evil in MOTD, as well as group 935? You know, unless it's just a lazy oversight. 

Of course, to settle this we'd have to see the ACTUAL perk bottle from BO3, to which I can't find. Can someone get me a picture of it for me? Or at least tell me if the logo is there? 

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