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Stop Mocking Me0

The KN-44 theory

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So, we've got a lot of questions surrounding many aspects of black ops 3. However there is one seemingly normal item that keeps appearing in odd instances: 




The KN-44 is a decent weapon with decent damage, rof, weight, ammo capacity, ect. But it's been seen doing suspicious things behind the scenes. 


Exhibit A: 
The giant: 


Seen here, this weapon's wall chalk is seen in the center of this diagram. 

The diagram depicts a faint outline of the summoning key: 



Within that diagram, as well, is a hyper-cube  


This object has been commonly linked to the aspect of a 4th physical dimension, which, to us, is uncomprehensable as we are 3rd dimensional beings with simplistic minds. (For a better understanding of this concept please see the book/movie "Flatline" ) 



SO. Through logical deduction we can infer that this weapon is tied to the summoning key in some way. Or that all weapons are tied to it in some way, but I'll get into that later. In a similar manner, we can assume that these two have 4th-dimensional capabilities. 


Now the final thing I'd like to note is the signature at the bottom that states this blueprint DOES belong to Dr. Monty. 

Who is this character? Easy: The inventor of the perk-a-colas, and gobble-gums, as well as their respective machines. Machines that seem to fallow the story of zombies, wherever it may go. Thus this brings me to my next topic: Quantum Entanglement. 


Quantum Entanglement you've heard before as a tactical on moon (The QED Quantum Entanglement Device) so we know that this aspect has been at least somewhat harnessed by group 935. Enter Dr. Monty. We know HE was a part of 935 from the 935 logo JUST put on perk-a-colas (which reminds me, I have a VERY interesting question about electric cherry to discuss on another topic), thank you Mr. RoflWaffles: 


If Monty worked with 935, it'd make sense he would have blueprints on the giant. However, I theorize that Dr. Monty was also fluent in the aspects of Quantum Entanglement on a macro level. I think he invented the perfect form of advertisement: Products that are tied to fallow you across the 4th dimension VIA Quantum Entanglement. 
To put it simply, I think Monty is the reason Perk-a-colas fallow the gang everywhere. But what does this have to do with the KN-44? 


Enter Exhibit 2: 

Der Eisendrache

Many people don't know this, but some people through the power of theater mode, have noticed that when certain things happen in the map, a KN-44 appears for a fraction of a second. Saddly I can not find any visual aid for these instances. They are however: 

-Being thrown into a bush when Dempsey 1.0's rocket crash-lands. 

-Under the floor of urn when the void bow ritual is being performed. 

These are the two places I KNOW this happens, and it may happen even more-so. 


The point is, the KN-44 is appearing all over these maps in secrecy. But why? It's a mere weapon. It serves no purpose. It's not a powerful artifact, or security device, or even code for all we know. It just.... Exists.

So. Lets discuss these questions: 

-What makes the Kn-44 significant?

-Why does the weapon ONLY appear in certain instances? 

-What does it mean? 

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Interesting, wasnt there a KN-44 out of bounds somewhere in Der Eisendrache? And is a PaPed KN-44 something special?


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It's referred to as the Anointed Avenger I believe or something like that, but carries no special meaning that I can tell. 


As for the OoB thing, there's not one per-say out of bounds that I know of, but there is one that flings from the rocket when it crashes into the ground mid-easter egg. As well as one under the purple glow in the void bow steps. 

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I swear to god after watching another player kill a mangler at close range on gorod krovi, a kn 44 dropped to the floor between them when the mangler exploded.

It was the chalk outline of the kn with the gun inside, like what you would see after purchasing one from the wall, and it had a bit of a blue glow/aura around it.

There wasnt a thing on the floor afterwards to interact with or pick up.?


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Just a heads-up: 360 gets the KN-44 or a whitish rock under the Demon Bow Urn.


As the Urn raises, there will will be a yellowish rock, or a KN-44 down there. I assume the rocket one also occurs, but can't confirm. 


My thoughts, in order of likelyhood:

1. Glitch (this is cod, and a Treyarch cod, so highly likely). 

2. Pointless easter egg hunt.

3. Purposeful interactable easter egg.


I hope for 3, but assume 1.


Presumably, folk have tried shooting it with a KN-44, or PaP version?


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You, good sir, foretold the future. Great job! I can't believe I just found this topic. I would have been all over this. Fourth dimension, hypercubes, quantum entanglement, oh my! But one interesting point is Monty. Is he human? It doesn't quite make sense either way when you think about it. He has been described as defying logic and reason, and he clearly has some control over the fourth dimension. It is my strong belief that the Aether in the CODZ cannon is the fourth dimension. This could explain some things like what happened in Buried. Under certain circumstances, a three dimensional entity can harness the energy of the fourth dimension, and essentially become a four dimensional entity with relative omnipotence. This would explain Monty's omnipotence as well as him being able to physically sign his name on his blueprint. However, this would most likely make him a liar. Another explanation could be that he took on a physical form, like Richtofen possessed Stulinger in Buried, to work with Group 935 to make the machines for the liquid and gum that he had already created. One small piece of evidence for this is Takeo in Gorod Krovi, "Perhaps this liquid is ancient. Older than all of us".

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After reading this thread a few days back I decided to look into the kn44 on google and didn't find much.

After trying "anointed avenger" I've discovered that our bo3 storyline is based on ancient Gnostic religion/beliefs. 


IRL in 1945 some manuscripts from "the secret book of John" or "apocryphon of John" were found in Egypt in the Nag hammadi library. 

The book is a gnostic bible of sorts as it tells of how Christ/the Lord/saviour came to John and 'enlightened' him with the secret knowledge (gnosis) of the gods that exist and the realms and heavens.


The gods are..


'Monad' who is the highest God/power ..who created..

SOPHIA a feminine divine entity ..who then without consent from monad creates an evil/demon god like creature called yaltabaoth. 

Because Sophia was embarrassed of and scared monad would discover her imperfect creation she hides him in a different dark realm where ..because he can't see anyone or anything in his realm believes he is the only existing God and creates matter and humans and so on.

yaltabaoth is also described as having the head of a LION and the body of a serpent. 

He eventually finds out that he isn't the all powerful, highest God he believes he is and decides to keep his human creations prisoners. keeping them in the dark And in a state of confusion causing them to die without ever knowing the the truth or the true God.


after this "REVALATION" by Christ he tells John that those who come into contact with the true spirit (monad) will receive salvation. Spared from death and damnation. 

The last thing Christ states is that anyone who shares these revelations for personal profits shall be cursed.


Sooooo if you're upto date with our bo3 storyline I'm sure you will make the same connections I have pretty quickly. for example..


1. when Richthofen went travelling he found the kronorium (book of John from nag hammadi, Egypt) which he gained a lot of knowledge (gnosis) from about realms and dimensions and so on.

2. Yaltabaoth ..godlike lion resembling entity who deceived his human creations and kept them in a state of confusion.. Clearly Dr. Monty. 

Monty is trying to deceive our characters in gorod krovi by trying to divide them and providing them with drops,perks and gobble gums, which in turn cause confusion and memory loss due to their main ingredient being 115. 

3. S.O.P.H.I.A maxis' secretary/computer & Sophia, Monad's divine creation 

-MONAD is described as a monarchy with nothing higher. Supreme, absolute, eternal and infinite. He is also described as the spirit of monad. 

Maxis is the spirit of the house whe are trying to get to.

We are to ascend from Monty's darkness to the light of maxis' monarchy/house for salvation and spared from death and damnation.

..also did S.O.P.H.I.A have a hand in creating Monty?..? As Richthofen created our spirit of maxis with the teleporters.


..obviously I've dumbed this down and shortened the the shit out of it.

i don't have a clue if anybody has posted anything about this. I basically just wanted to show what I'd found as I think it helps us understand what's yet to happen in our story and what Dr. Monty is all about.

Maybe the strange kn44 appearances were to get us to look into this?




heres a a link to read it yourself.




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On 8/4/2016 at 7:07 PM, AetherialVoices said:

I would have been all over this. Fourth dimension, hypercubes, quantum entanglement, oh my! But one interesting point is Monty. Is he human?



A better way to put it: are we human?


If the diagram is suggesting that he is sending down things into this hyper-cube, like drops, Wallguns, everything basically. Wouldn't that mean that we are as physical as what's been thrown down to us? We are the fourth dimensional beings, and since the DG-2 overloaded the MTD in the original Der Reise, the fabric of space/time was shattered. The original reality, the meta-version of the one we already know in history, fell into darkness and lost forever in time.


For some reason this event that caused reality shatter, would cause a restart in the system that is the universe. There was a particularity interesting Doctor Who episode that covered this concept, of reality hitting a 'restart', with Matt Smith. There was an event in the Doctors life where he had to finally die, and River Song had to be the one who did it, as this was 'written history'. River, could not let herself succumb to this event, so in turn she did not kill him. Space and time, not accustomed to this event not taking place, causes the their reality to flash before them and create an off-spring of the reality it was accustomed to dealing with. 


Not only did space/time have to account for everything in 'written history' is has to account for unpredictable, 'unwritten' history. Which if you are looking at a structure from beginning to end in this story, this off-spring reality would be the true Beginning of the Storyline, and after that would be the downward spiral. This would be the case because the off-spring reality created from the paradox that is the current 'Zombies Mode' [in its entirety] is a reset.


Meaning, everything that you came to know and love from characters, gameplay and map design that came before the incident in Der Reise - for all intensive purposes - was merely a fabrication of what is truly going on in Monty's world. Although this is a reset, it is a lot more of a cut & paste of the reality. The new reality still carries the same traits as the first, as in physical remnants of the first world still torment them. For instance the Zombie apocalypse has not yet diminished, physical remnants like Giant Mechanical Men are scattered across the world and more. Humans that existed in the world before would not carry the same identify as they once did, going by different names and even different accents. The element of 'magic' in the first world could be lost too, the Staves for instance, relics of a time before.


Everything that happened in Zombies would be unrecorded history. Monty, growing up to become a Scientist in this world and fascinated by this history, would then create a machine capable of looking through time from a fourth dimensional perspective. Wondering if he can penetrate this plane or even aspect of abyss, the KN-44 either accidentally fell in or thrown in intentionally, would be his first experiment. Just like the reaction Richthofen gave with his success of the walnut, the next step would be human trials. 


And that is my theory/speculation of how Monty became Godlike. At least to as much as we can perceive at this juncture. I find this helps me understand Monty's quotes more, even the silly ones. A quote comes to mind when he refers to the structure of time. That this is the end of beginning, but even more so the Beginning of the End. This is not talking about the cycle of maps leading up to the battle of Revelations and Primis. 


The off-spring reality he grew up in  is fading. The system given to us from the space/time acts as a second chance, so we have some time to fix the problem. Obviously the Universe isn't a character, it is just acting as a type of Boot-mode to diagnose and uncover problems. Time from the original world, the Ultimis' travels, Victis' counter travels, and the travels which spawned from Primus are bleeding into the off-spring reality. As I said before, relics of the past that shouldn't be there are overloading the system of the universe. The system cannot sustain another soft-reset, and in this compulsion the universe would collapse in on itself, and create a hard-boot that wipes out the universe.


Monty obviously doesn't want this to happen. With the quantum power he constructed to pierce through the fourth dimension, he creates his own universe. He certainly isn't concerned with the 'old world' and ever bringing it back into fruition. Neither is he with the world he grew up in, as it is probably in disarray - humanity reaching its extinction and the unpredictability of the universe that may wipe his world from existence. Now he has the power to become a god of his own universe and in his own universe. To quote him from one of his wisps in Gorod Krovi:


"...The world within the world got turned upside down and inside out, if you can imagine such a thing. So anyway, uh, it was around then that I was forced to... step in."


Mad world they live in, ay?

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Ah finally that last quote makes sense: Monty basically created an own world "within" the already existing worlds. To be honest, I've read this theory twice and I still do not fully understand it (it is not because of you, but because of me not being a native English speaker). I have written a theory that may extent the parts I understand from your theory: That Monty's final, locked off perfect universe is OUR universe: A universe without Apothicans or direct influence of 115. If you have time, please take a look at it.

I don't know if you ever have heard of it, but your theory perfectly proves Plato's theory: That everything we see here in our world is a reflection of another dimension. The lyrics of a song I like very much explain it:

"Everything is a mirror that reflects light and creates images of that light
And he came to the conclusion that human perception is merely light perceiving light
He also saw that matter is a mirror
He could understand everyone very well, but no one could understand him
They believed that he was an incarnation of God
And he said:
It is true
I am God
But you are also God
We are the same, you and I
Everything is God"


Plato's theory: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_Forms


This all makes me wonder how Monty gets into his position. According to the timeline, he is a Keeper. But as you said, we, humans, are all 4 Dimensional beings. And normal Keepers don't have that power dr. Monty has. Maybe the title "Doctor" means something more. Maybe he too, just like Richthofen, has done experiments with matter displacement, Element 115, time travel, Vril and Aether. Who knows....


I don't completely understand, however, what you mean with "restarting a universe". Could you explain that with some more simple words?



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2 hours ago, anonymous said:

This all makes me wonder how Monty gets into his position. According to the timeline, he is a Keeper. But as you said, we, humans, are all 4 Dimensional beings. And normal Keepers don't have that power dr. Monty has. Maybe the title "Doctor" means something more. Maybe he too, just like Richthofen, has done experiments with matter displacement, Element 115, time travel, Vril and Aether. Who knows....



I meant to say that they could be 3rd dimensional beings in a 4th dimensional reality. I understand where you're coming from with your idea, I was thinking about yesterday as well, and it's that all three Edward grew up similarly in an orphanage and the words "Teddy is a Liar" were engraved in thier minds as children. We might even see certain things that transpired in previous games to mirror one another, play out similarly in the new universe. About aether. What if 'aether' only exists in his universe... ? Just a thought

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