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Rumors of Unsolved Easter Eggs?

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I have heard and read from multiple sources recently that Treyarch stated there were easter eggs from old games/ maps that had still not been discovered (by the greater community, at least) and decided to make this thread to see what everyone thought of that rumor. This statement came around two other occurrences that actually seem to make the claims more like, one being updates to old 3arc games seemingly out of the blue, and the other being the announcement of BO1 bc coming soon. So what do you guys think, is it possible new easter eggs were added to the old games in respect to the alteration of the "Old Universe" by everything happening in the current maps? It seems unlikely, but 3arc has done crazier things.... Another possibility (more likely) is that they are just small easter eggs that are not very noticeable, and 3arc made this announcement only to create discussion and panic in the zombies community. Let me know what you guys think, I found it very interesting reading a thread on another website that had some great thoughts on this exact topic. 

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I dont think Treyarch recently added new Easter Eggs in old games, however, Im sure there are still unfound easter eggs. Big ones or not, I dont know. In the map Five is very less hunted on EE's, so I think there is still one there. TranZit is a huge map with much fog, so there could be something hidden in as well. Other maps have many mysteries too, so can also have EE's. It is almost impossible to find them, but I love the fact we arent done with the older maps yet :) Keep hunting.

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It is possible that the old EE 3arch mentioned was the  WaW Biography EE, (First letter of each sentence(paragraph?) made a new message (about not trusting Ricky) and there may not be any more left undiscovered. (definetly more left on new maps tho)

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