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What I Want To See From The Next 3 Map Packs

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Lucky for you, if you; have an Xbox One, a copy of Black Ops 1 with the DLC, then you will be able to play the old maps via Backwards Compatibility. Yes I know these aren't remakes, but at least you get that shot of nostalgia in brute force. If you don't have those, then you can (along with most of the community I'm sure) hope that Treyarch listen's to our wants and releases a full zombies DLC. Which is a big 'if' as that would require a huge download, also it may only contain maps from Black Ops 1.

Unfortunately, given that Origins and Mob of the Dead only just came out, I doubt that they will be creating remakes for a while now. 

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Just now, AllStar_Caino said:

There is rumours around that Origins, MOTD, Moon and Ascension to be remade but that is going of Youtube which isn't 100% accurate to be fair. 

Okay so they definitely won't remake Origins or Mob of the Dead. They came out in their last game and really don't need to be remade whatsoever. These aren't "rumours" so much as they are people wanting the maps in Black Ops 3, which really doesn't make sense and isn't needed at all.

Athough they really don't need it, the maps from Black Ops 1 would more likely be remade. 

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On 3/4/2016 at 3:11 PM, M16 EPIC said:

High school map won't happen. School shootings are a touchy subject in the USA, and Activision won't release a map to everyone but the US. But thanks to mod tools, they won't have to make one! The community can instead.

Surprisingly enough, people don't like it when you murder children. ]

A college map is more likely. (And more fun) But we won't see that in this game. 


See a college campus is a recognizable area. Those kinds of places are reserved for Disk-release, and won't be put into DLC. It's a matter of marketing: 

Ok, we go from a cthulu based city, to the giant facility, to a frozen mountaintop facility, to a research island, to stalingrad, one of the most death-filled places of WW2, to.... A school....

You got to work your way up in location, or else you're losing enthusiasm, and therefor, sales. 

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