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New Gameplay Mechanic - Gun Enhancement Generator  

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Hey everyone!

Just came up with a new idea for a custom gameplay mechanic... a Gun Enhancement Generator.

Basically, the generators will spawn across the map like the gobble gum machines in Black Ops III. When a player approaches a generator, they are given the option to activate it for 60 seconds for 2000 points. The first and noticeable effect is that your clip is endless - like the Stock Option gobble gum. You may be thinking that this generator is quite expensive, but let me tell you its purpose. Basically, any player that is within the affected radius of the generator will see that an electric surge/current will be sent out from the device and link onto their hand-held weapon - this will not work with melee weapons or selected wonder weapons. If their gun was not pack-a-punched, it will now be pack-a-punched for 60 seconds while in the radius of the device.

You may be thinking that we already have a gobble gum for this purpose - Ephemeral Enhancement. But this generator will work for up to 4 players at once if they all stand within the radius of the device. I think that it would be most beneficial to activate a generator on high rounds with pack-a-punched weapons, as the electricity will arc to your character's weapon and enhance them into "super" pack-a-punched weapons. So, you will have increased damage, new camouflages, e.t.c.

Now you may be thinking... why should I spend 2000 points on a generator that enhances my weapons if I could purchase a 1000 point electric trap that would kill a horde instantly? Well, firstly, the electric trap and most of the traps in zombies kill zombies instantly, but you don't get any points or kills. With the generator, you - and up to 3 more players - can gain an enhanced weapon to kill the zombies while gaining points and kills.

Think that this is a well-thought out idea? Leave you comments below.

Have an amazing day. =)

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I'm not in love with the idea,  but it could work.

I always ask that they have a camping alcove for fun. Your idea would certainly mesh with that idea. 

Camping won't get you as far as training, but it's way fun. 

Trollargh would have to design around it (like a camping spot). 

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