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Juggernog discrepancy?

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Lately, on Reddit, folk are saying that juggernog allows you to take 3 more hits, and always has. 

As a player with more time played than 95% of the community,  i can say that this is not true for 360 and never has been. 

Cod wikia, the other day,  claimed that there is an edit war on their site over this (nobody should trust any wiki, ever).

I've tested it several times this week and it hasn't changed.

In older cods, you can take 5 hits if you heal a little between hits, but in rapid succession, 4 hits always downs you. 

Correct information:

WaW, BO = 4 hits. 2 regular, 2 from juggernog. (1 hit sometimes if you held the WW on Der Riese in WaW).

Bo2 had 2r/2j + 2 permaperk for 6 hits max.

BO3 is now 3 regular + 2 for juggernog. 5 hits max.

Is it different on different systems, or is this just more reddit idiocy? It seems so easy to test, which I've done, so why is this an argument? 

Granted, I'm more observant than the average bear...

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I'm fairly sure the only difference has been from Black Ops 2 to Black Ops 3. In older games, I believe the statistics to Juggernog was that the perk increased your health from 100 to about 250, effectively allowing you to survive 2 more hits. It does vary if a zombie double swipes you.

In Black Ops 3 however, you are able to survive 2 hits, and are downed on the third. I believe Juggernog still works the same as always, adding 2 more hits before you are downed.

I'll be sure to keep an eye out tomorrow morning when I go check. I'm fairly certain everything above is accurate. 

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That's how i see it. Jugg adds 2 hits. Bo3, you can take 3 without jug.

I just don't understand why this is suddenly an issue after 8 years.

As usual, i tested it, as i always like to do, no matter how sure i am. Still 2 extra hits only (regular zombies, not special zombies).

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I agree, it is rather confusing. Perhaps it's due to having the Juggernog Perma-Perk in Bo2. I had a quick look, and I think people are taking IGN's words as their own. They believe it multiples your health by three, which is ridiculous. 6 hits on BO1 and 2? 9 IN BO3? Come on guys. At least try...

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