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Ok, so I for one have noticed that the giant in particular has a severe lack of weaponry.  I mean you can get the shiva from the box and wall for petes sake. But there's no revolver in the map, or crossbow, or a duel wielded normal pistol or several other things. 

I feel like as the game progresses we should see more weapons appear in the box... I'd love to use the M1 Garand, or the Marshal 16 in The giant, SOE and Der Eisendrache also lack these weapons. 

I just feel like they should add weapons to zombies in through older maps and not pull an advanced warfare where the newer weapons were only kept in maps released after they appeared. Getting the blunderbuss in infection would have been great. 

We've already kinda seen this once with the death machine being added, but that's just a drop...


You think we'll see more weapons in the future on the first 3 maps? 

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I don't think we should hold on to any hope of seeing the Supply Drop weapons in Zombies. However, I would like to see the other weapons from MP that are currently not in Zombies. The Razorback, or the P-06 would add some variety I think. I really wish the Bootlegger would've been included into all maps as well. And the ability to level up the MR6, or to even choose between a few starting pistols would've been a nice idea too.

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I believe we should have all the weapons not yet in zombies, in zombies, along with the new supply drop weapons and also we should be able to have weapon kits for all weapons, even one like the Bootlegger. The box pool in DE is so small, the only thing that lets down the map in my eyes.

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Well the supply drop weapons are all the weapons we would normally have in zombies. 

I mean we already have the sword, and I personally think you should be able to swap out the bowie for another supply drop item once you reach a high enough level. 


Ok, so new idea: 

New weapon kit section: Optionals

Essentially you can unlock these weapons by doing specific tasks, or even using a prestige to unlock one of them. Once you've unlocked the weapon you can toggle it to be in the box in your game, or to not be. 

For example: 

-The Marshal 16:  To unlock get 500 kills with the Death and Taxes, or Meat Wagon weapons. 

-The claw: To unlock use 50 monkey bombs, or little armies. 

-The sword: Melee weapon- Upgrade the bowie knife to level 5. (Note while in use, it takes the place of the bowie knife) (does not appear in box, but replaces bowie wall buy) 

-M1 Garand: Survive 10 consecutive rounds in any map without anyone opening a door. 

-Bill and Constant: Go a whole round without firing a gun to kill. (These are duel wielded pistols they do about as much damage as a 5-7, you can even change the duel wield feature)

-The ray gun M2: Purchase DLC 2 (note- not obtainable without access to DLC 2) (Replaces the ray gun)

-Quantum Entanglement Device: To obtain, kill groph in der eisendrache. (Takes place of Monkeys) 




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Petition to have the Shieva with the MX Garand. I miss it so much.

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