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DOA 2 possibly connected to Nightmares and zombies

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There has been a lot of discussion as to whether Nightmares mode connects to zombies in any way, so I feel that this should be open to discussion as well. These may only be small nods to the other game modes, but with the abundance of these nods in multiplayer and Nightmares, it feels like these could be just as significant in the way the stories may overlap/bleed into each other.

In Dead Ops Arcade 2, we have an overlap in the enemy types and equipment from campaign, zombies and nightmares, along with some new stuff. In terms of enemies there are shadow enemies/corvus from Nightmares, along with meatballs, parasites and Margwas from Shadows of Evil.


There are also a few nods to Shadows of Evil. The doorways to each area (junction, footlight and waterfront) in SOE exist in DOA2, but these could just be re-used textures and do not have the text over the doorway. However, there are the ctuhulu/egg statues from Shadows of Evil, along with the Apothicon skulls that are in the rift.


However, I think the most interesting link is the wolf hole bonus room. In another thread, I already made comparisons between some of the maps in DOA2 and how they were portions of maps from multiplayer, campaign and Nightmares. When I first looked at this image, I immediately noticed the stained glass windows that can be seen in Infection and Demons Within. Also, if you look on the landing at the very top right, we have a portion of what looks a lot like the iron cross. There is a torn red banner in Infection with the iron cross in black with a white outline, which looks very similar. Also note the shadows of the trees in the 2 stained glass windows on the left hand side.


I went back to Demons Within after finding this image, and it is in fact the same church that we find ourselves in during that Nightmares mission. Wolf hole is also an interesting name for the room as the Nightmares mission has an abundance of wolves/hellhounds. 

At this point, I am not saying this will play any important role in the storyline, but it is interesting to see how all the game modes seem to tie into one another in BO3

Edited by DaveLo07

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Now add the skeletons also.

Yup, I think they are connected in some strange way.

Dead Ops is like the bizarro universe of zombies.

When I first saw the car section my jaw was on the floor. (I was a Micro Machines fan)

Regards Alpha.

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The skeletons are definitely another interesting link/crossover. I wondered if the shields they carried had any links to Der Eisendrache, but couldn't find any similarities. However, there is an interesting coat of arms power up drop that was added in an update which has the same design/background as the coat of arms that can be found in Der Eisendrache. Not too sure what the icon in the middle is. At first I thought it might be a tentacle, but looks more like a horn.


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@DaveLo07 I subbed your YouTube earlier.


So I don't know if it's just me or what, on the Wolf Hole image, the stained glass furthest to the right, has a striking resemblance to the 'Witch" from Buried.


So I got to thinking earlier about what Jason Blundell said about putting an Easter Egg throughout different "Arenas", got me thinking.

What if the "Apothicon Servant Upgrade Quest' can only be obtained in DoA II. Every time we "Teleport" in DoA, it takes us too a different "Arena".

 Surely there is some reason he used this specific word. Not alot of people play DoA, so if you think about it, this would be the perfect place to have a "Hidden Quest". 

Edited by Ragdo11706

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@Ragdo11706 Appreciate it! It's not much of a channel,  I pretty much upload unedited videos of gameplay and potential bugs/oddities in game.

I'm not sure if you're suggesting that the WW can be upgraded via DOA2 or whether the power up in DOA2 can be upgraded? I honestly don't think there would be anything we can do in Dead Ops that would be a direct trigger for something in a regular zombies map. I think it would be far too complicated to implement, and whilst I love Dead Ops, a lot of zombies players don't play it and would feel excluded from a major gameplay feature if that was the case. If you're suggesting that the power up can be upgraded, it's possible but it is already technically upgraded (in that it is the red portal people were getting via the illegitimate pack-a-punch and the portal lasts significantly longer than the original version).

I still think there could be some important information/backstory/mythos that helps explain the Apothicon Servant a bit more in Dead Ops. We spoke about it in the t-virus thread a while back, but there seem to be a lot of ancient Egyptian themes in Nightmares and Dead Ops that link to the WW and Shadows. I'm still really intrigued by the hieroglyphs on the back of the power up, and whilst we are at a dead end with information it couldn't hurt to try and figure out if they are gibberish or if there is any information in that inscription. There is also the Scarab beetle on the other side of the power up, which links back to ancient Egypt. A slightly different version of it can be seen on the uniforms of the Egyptian army soldiers (Character Bios thread) and the power up icon is also a statue in the MP map Breach, which is set in Cairo.

I take it since downloading Der Eisendrache you now have access to Dead Ops offline? It would be useful to have another pair of eyes looking at Dead Ops for information, I'm sure there are plenty of interesting information and links still to be found.

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Yea I do, thank God!

I'm aware of some of the different aspects that tie in with one another, through multiple modes.

Don't forget though, the translated name for "Arbgwaoth" is "Power-Up"


So I wonder if "Kor Maroth Arbgwaoth" could literally translate to, "1 Elemental Power-Up".

If so, more than likely we would have

2,3,4 (______________) Power-Ups"


I also think the Raven is there above Mule-Kick because the Giant Robot (German War Machine) that fell was "Odin". Which would leave "Freya" & "Thor".

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