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Concept for future custom map: The gauntlet.

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For those who know, the witness is a recently released visually appealing puzzle game that involves you completing a variety of puzzles in which you trace a line through a maze and must adhere to specific rule regarding the symbols you see in the different mazes. One of the most beautiful concepts in the game is the process of learning. Nothing is given to you in a set of rules or spoken tutorials. If you want to know how to solve a puzzle you either must brute force it, or find and solve a puzzle of simpler concept and apply what you know to a harder puzzle. 

Take the dots for example. You can't complete the puzzle until all the dots have been crossed over by your line. Its a simple concept but it's crucial knowledge to solving puzzles later on involving multi-colored squares, tetris blocks, and mirrored lines. 


When I get into custom mapping with BO3, I plan to create a zombies map with a similar concept. 

The gauntlet is essentially a mix of zombies and puzzle solving.


-Red: It's a specialist weapon, but it's used more for puzzle solving. By using it you emit a red glow. This glow allows you to see things in a red filter. Lasts 90 seconds. Takes 3 zombie kills to charge. You find this in room 3. 

-Yellow: Gives you a yellow filter while used. Each use lasts 90 seconds. You have 10 uses. Its' your starting weapon.

-Blue: A buildable: gives a blue filter while used. Each use 90 seconds, but after each use you must return to the table to use it again, furthermore you need to build it first using parts you can only see/aquire with Red. 

-Cursor: A bow weapon with infinite ammo, but does close to no damage. It's main purpose is to activate things from a distance. Found in room 5.

-Protector: A melee weapon, it releases a ragnarok slam with every use will kill zombies in one hit up to any wave. It's also the only weapon you have designed to kill. You obtain this weapon by starting the first zombie round. 

These are the only weapons you get in the game. 

Furthermore there are also a set of custom gumballs at least one player must have equipped to complete the map, note it will be about 1000 times easier if all players have these equipped but it IS possible to complete with just one player having them: 

-ZG: Causes a low-gravity environment and wall running capabilities across the whole map for about 30 seconds. 

-Rope: Upon use, the player is instantly teleported back to the first room of the map.

-Grotesque Monstrosity: Turns the player into beast mode for a solid minute 

-Bring the heat: Spawns in a temporary flamethrower power-up. (3 uses) 


-Skeleton Dance: Causes all zombies on the map to become skeletons for 6 rounds.



The rest of the game involves you completing certain steps in certain ways. The first room is simple: There's a wall writing that says: 

To exit spawn a zombie horde. (there's a button here that starts around, the next round won't start until that button is pressed again) 

The next room is harder, as you can not see any walls. However, by using your trusty "Yellow", you can now make out writing on the wall: To pass to room 3, Have a player go prone for 20 seconds. 

Do that and a door to the left of the room will open. Now you are to be introduced to the concept of multiple colors. 

Meet Red, by using him, everything gets a red tint. This allows you to see even more hidden stuff around the map then before, like for instance, the 3 red Xes which need to be slammed with the protector. 

Room 4----------------------------

This room teaches you the concept of previous rooms. Using red or yellow here won't reveal anything, but if you go back to room 2, and use red, you'll find that you can actually open up a path down the right by tossing grenades at it. 

Room 5----------------------------

This room is where you get to equip the bow. It's usefulness is unrivaled. There's also a large un-crossable gap.

Return to the 4th room, but stand in the 3rd room, a button will appear in yellow which you can shoot. (There are instructions on this in the 5th room) 

Room 6-------------------------

This room has a gobble-gum machine, which luckily, has the 1-gumball-per-round cap lifted. You can get any gumball you need whenever you want, should you have the points. What you need now is the "ZG" gumball to cross the gap in the 5th room. 

Room 5: Other side of gap------------

The only item here is a button which creates a path across as a means of getting back. 

Room 7 --------------------------------

This room is secretly housing the first of the 3 blue parts. But as well, it contains a message, to read it thoroughly, you will need to alternate between red and yellow view. What it basically says is that there is a secret message in room 2. To see it, shoot the wall with an arrow.  The message reveals that killing zombies in room 7 will activate a hidden dragon, feeding it enough zombies will open up a door in the first room revealing a teleporter to room 8. 

Room 8 ------------------------------

There is another gumball machine in here, but it's not needed. 

There are now two choices Room 9 or room 10 to advance to. 


Room 9 -------------------------------

contains a set of 3 wonderspheres. Each one takes you to another side of the massive pit in the center of the room. The far left contains a part for "Blue" and another round-starting button and it leaves you trapped there until you can pay the 2000 fee to exit. The middle takes you to the entrance to the next room (Room 11). The far right takes you to "the obelisk" room, this is important for later. 


The obelisk room-------------------

It's like any other room, but contains a large black obelisk in the center, and while you can't access them yet, it links rooms 9, 20, 23, and 32. 

First you will need to pack-a-punch yellow, once you do this room can be used to start the endgame, as the obelisk is essentially the same as the flytrap. 

Room 10 --------------------------------

Contains a mirror-image room, separated by glass, but you have no reflection. You can't do anything in here yet until you have the beastmode gobble gum. (In yellow, there's a beast mode symbol on the glass. ) Beastmode will allow you to pop through the mirror to grapple over to the other side, and unlike normal beast mode, this one doesn't teleport you to your last flame-pedestal location, you just turn back where you are, there is a 5 second warning that cuts you off from grappling to keep the game from glitching. Either way, zap the wall panel to open the way for everyone to get to this side where there's an entrance to room 12.

Room 11------------------------------------ 

DANGER: Every 60 seconds, this room shuts it's doors and incinerates everything in the room for 10 seconds. There is a message you can see during the 10 seconds it warns you to evacuate, and it tells you that you need to use red to find the 3 hidden parts of blue. 

Room 12-------------------------------

Contains a workbench for the parts for blue. It also has a big chamber filled with electric-floors that are activated by a player standing on them. You need to find a way through somehow.... To do this you need blue. The rooms with blue parts in them are 7, 9, and 13.

Room 13----------------------------------

Attached to room 12 is a sort of cliff. You can climb down it to find two things: 1-the first pack-a-punch teleport pad. 2- The 3rd part for blue. 


Room 14----------------------------------

Use blue to cross all the way across room 12, to get to this room. The first thing you'll want to push is the button that deactivates the electric pads for good. The second thing is the apothecon circle. To open the door to 15, you need to battle a series of margwas with death-machines. Killing them all will open the door. 

Room 15 -----------------------------------

will have a mysterious dead body in it. Hold X on it and it will disappear. Use yellow around the map to find the parts of the body and bring it back here. 



That's all I can write today, what do you think? 


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