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Easter Egg Hunting 101

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Hello all,

I'd like to make a request of some of the Easter egg hunters on the forum.

I love searching the maps for Easter eggs and secrets and I think it would be nice if we could start a thread where experienced hunters could share some advice about what kind of things to look for.

Some of the Easter eggs are quite complex and I often wonder how people discover them, for example in SoE, I recently found out about upgrading L'il Arnies and I wondered, how did the first person discover the top hat etc, and that you have to use Arnies on them, and another example, the trip mine donut carts, like, were there hints and things that lead people to put trip mines under the carts or did they just get lucky?

TL:DR How do people find out the really obscure Easter Eggs? Are there clues that lead people to try certain things or do you just run around the map throwing little Arnies at thins until something works. If you have any Easter egg hunting tips, please share.

EDIT - PS4 users if you could be so kind as to avoid Der Eisendrache spoilers if you are using examples that would be greatly appreciated.

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It all depends. For a lot of Music EE,s there is a faint sound indication when you get close to an object. Some things are just found out by accident or by people constantly trying random stuff and compiling what they found with others be it friends or threads such as these. Also theater mode is a great tool and has been in the last two zombies games (for the zombies side of things). On top of all that on PC a lot of people will go into the code of the game to find things that are suppose to be hidden.

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Although there are people dedicated to hunting them down, alot of Easter Eggs are found by our PC brethren. Some of them scan the files and can find stuff us console players would hardly ever be able to find. Personally I don't particularly condone that, as I prefer to spend my time searching for clues and what not.

As for what to look for, it could really be anything in general. An easter egg in a video game isn't always a long, step by step mission of various weird jobs to do. Most of them are minor references to other pop culture subjects. 

As for Easter Eggs in Zombies, we were introduced all the way back in World at War to radios, chalk writing and other small clues that eventually was brought together to form the story as we know it today. These can be classed as story based easter eggs. There are others which are the long mission-like quests that we first saw in Ascension. They aren't all that difficult if you know what to look for (listen to quotes from the characters for hints). Then there are the small ones that are just for fun, like the recent Trip Mine Donuts. These are the harder ones to find.

Basically, press the action button on absolutely everything. use everything on everything else. You'll be surprised as to what you could find.

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