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Room of Judgement guide

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In Dead Ops Arcade 2, the room of judgement offers a chance to receive an upgrade to your fate, as a reward for defeating the stone guardian. There are 4 possible upgrades available:

Force - Upgraded furious feet (furious feet increases the players movement speed making it much easier to control/train enemies). Boosts will now leave a blue trail behind the player, which will set the zombies on fire and slow them down. Players boosts will be restored to 4 at the start of each round ( you do not receive any if you have 4 boosts already, if you have 3 boosts, you will receive 1, etc so once you're down to 4, you may as well use them before the end of the round)


Favor - Upgraded friendship (friendship gives the player a permanent chicken, and the players default weapon will become level 3, fully upgraded). Chicken will become a golden chicken and grow over time, cycling through level 3 (fully upgraded) weapons, and will lay golden eggs once it has cycled through all weapons and performs ceremonial dance. Can lay up to 3 eggs, each containing an extra life, but players need to protect the eggs from enemies/silverback until they hatch. Full weapon cycle can vary, but usually takes between 7-9 rounds. 


Night Fury - Upgraded firepower (firepower gives the player a level 2 death machine. Any weapon picked up will now start at level 2). Gives the death machine a unique upgrade that cannot be obtained on any other weapon, or by collecting skulls. Fires blue bullets.


Fortitude - Upgraded fortune ( fortune increases the duration of power up drops and gives a minimum x2 multiplier) . Player will no have an extra life, boost and nuke slot meaning they can carry a maximum of 10 for the rest of the game. Gives the player a magnet at the start of rounds, and increases the time limit on power ups for a second time. Multiplier can also reach a maximum of x10, and the minimum multiplier is now x3.


The mechanics for the room of judgement used to be similar to the room of fate. Each upgrade would be represented by a certain stone, and through trial and error you could pick the correct stone each time, but this is no longer the case.

If you play solo now, you will always receive an upgrade to whichever fate you selected in the room of fate, regardless of which stone you choose. In co-op, the player who does the most damage to the stone guardian, and/or has revived the most teammates, will recieve the upgrade. It does not matter which player chooses the stone, or which stone they choose. Here are a couple of examples: (The colour of the text when judgement is being passed represents which colour player is being given the upgraded fate)


The green player has done the most damage to the stone guardian/has the most revives. Blue has firepower, so chooses the stone to try and get night fury.


Despite blue choosing the stone, green recieves the upgrade as they have done the most damage to the stone guardian/revived the most players. Yellow and blue recieve a life, and red gets no reward. 


The blue player has done the most damage to the stone guardian/has the most revives. Blue has friendship, and green has furious feet. The green player chooses the stone, but the upgrade goes to blue.


The green player recieves an extra life. Lives will always be rewarded in 2 and 3 player games.

So essentially, if you are playing co-op and want a particular players fate to be upgraded, make sure they are the player that does the most damage to the stone guardian/has the most revives. At this point it would seem that the primary factor in determining the upgrade is damage to the stone guardian, thanks to @Bickle for the info.

Edit: Apologies for the incorrect information. The room of judgement mechanics after patch have now been clarified by the creator of Dead Ops Arcade (David King) on Twitter, so I have edited the post accordingly.



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So what tips would you recommend, I've noticed you've been playing this a lot as of late, (if not always). Im willing to bet, you've learnt quite a few good tricks.

I've yet to give this a serious go, simply due to the poor way in which it was implemented into the game. I feel this will change once I finally get to d/l the DLC, and have Dead Ops accessible from the Main Menu.

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@Ragdo11706 I was definitely a late comer to Dead Ops, didn't really play the 1st one til a few months before bo3 dropped. Solo I still struggle without furious feet, so I would advise anyone just starting out to go for the feet as you can double back and train zombies so much easier in the later rounds. Here are a few tips:

-Don't worry about downs. I see a lot of people restarting games if they go down early on. Lives are limitless, the only thing you need to worry about is frequency of downs. If you can keep your multiplier high you will always earn enough lives to progress your game. You get one life every 200,000 points.

-If you think you are going to come into contact with a meatball, boost or use a nuke. Meatballs are one hit downs, and the amount of times a zombie will push you into a meatball when you uthink you can squeeze past is ridiculous.

-In co-op, upgrade to favor or night fury. The added fire power means you can play pretty aggressive, and since the update, the players with friendship and firepower can camp til the early 50's reasonably comfortably,but even more so if one has the upgrade.

-Stay in 1st person mode as long as possible. It adds a x4 to your multiplier and is one of the easiest ways to build points/lives. You can also take 3 hits with 1st person, so use it until you have taken 2 hits, then press y to exit.

-Utilise invincibility. After you go down, you are invincible for a few seconds. Same with going in and out of 1st person mode. Run through zombies and attack bosses (margwas, silverback) in close quarters when you are invincible to inflict maximum damage.

-If someone has used a nuke, picked up a Margwa heart or you have no zombies in your part of the map, revive teammates by standing over their body. One teammate reduces revive time by 4 seconds instead of 1, 2 teammates by 5 seconds and 3 teammates reduces revive time by 6 seconds.


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Hell yea, that's the response I was looking for. I was told by one of the best that Feet, was the go to fate for Solo, however this was in regards to DoA I. I was aware of the 200k granted an extra life w/ a max of 9, as you pointed out this can change to 10.

The one thing I'm still not understanding is the Judgement, so even if I have "Furious Feet" I can obtain an upgraded form of "Firepower" through this, or will I simply receive the "Upgraded Feet" where the Blue Flame affect is added?!?! 

Last question is what Rounds/Arena does "Fate" and "Judgement" take place, is there a trick to know which one your going to receive, similar to DoA I.

Oh, and what's a Margwa Heart do....

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The room of fate takes place after round 19. There is a challenge round to complete, where you have to climb to the top of a spiral pathway being defended by skeletons with swords. The fate you receive depends on which stone you pick. Each fate is represented by the same stone each time, but the stones switch position from game to game, and can be harder to distinguish in certain positions than others. There is a video by qpderekqp which explains it well.



The room of judgement takes place after round 37. There is a challenge round to complete where you have to defeat the stone guardian.

In solo, you can only recieve the upgrade to the fate that you pick, so if you choose furious feet, the upgrade will be the Force. But in co-op, it is determined by score. Player in 1st place recieves the upgrade, regardless of which stone is picked, or which player picks it. This is only since the latest patch. Before the patch, you didn't always receive the upgrade and in co-op it was completely random. 

The Margwa heart kills all zombies on the map. It is in the regular drop cycle and one will also spawn in the Margwa rounds every time you remove/shoot the head off of a Margwa. 

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Hello, I just wanted to mention that you failed to mention some important aspects of certain upgrades. For instance, the Fortitude upgrade provides a magnet at the start of rounds and, more importantly, it makes almost all drops last significantly longer than if you were to pick them up with any fate, even Fortune. 

In addition to this, the room of judgement upgrade does not always go to the person with the highest score on co-op. The factor(s) in determining the upgrade just happen to coincide sometimes with the highest score. 

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@Bickle you are correct about the information that I left out, I  will add it to the original post. As for the upgrade in co-op, I have spoken to a couple of players that disagree with it being based on points, but we have tested quite a few 2, 3 and 4 player games since the patch and have always got the upgrade we desire by making sure that player has the most points. I am happy to be proven wrong though, can you ellaborate on the other factors that determine the upgrade?

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Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I was confused when you were talking about Solo using "Furious Feet" than gaining the "Firepower" upgrade from the room of Judgement.

I understand it clearlyn now, definitely going to have to takes notes on the Stone Color that coincides with each upgrade.

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