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Not all Keepers are created equal? And let's talk Summoning Key

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to point out some interesting aspects about the Keepers that no one has really talked about. 

Starting off, let us look at the general Keepers that attacked you in SOE. These beings seem to have minimal power, simply attacking you with their bare hands. On top, their clothing does not seem to be as elaborate as my next point.

If you remember from the end of SoE, a Keeper gives you the Summoning Key, only to be stolen by someone else. Notice that that Keeper looks not only different from the other Keepers, but also appears in Der Eisendrache as a corrupted final boss. Now, I am not saying that it is the same one, but what I am implying is that possibly this is not just a simple Keeper, but rather a more powerful creatures, just above a standard Keeper. We see this in the DE EE when we end up fighting a corrupted Keeper. 

I don't really have much else to go on, but it seems in these instances, the Keeper we meet is not just a regular foot soldier. If I had to guess, they may even be the REAL versions of the statues in the pyramid room. 



I thought I'd combine this since it is on the same topic and not too big: What are some of the thoughts out there on the summoning key? 

The way I see it, it is a conduit that can be used to transfer souls. However, it seems to be far more valuable if the Keepers, an unknown race or force, are protecting it. So far we have seen it:

1. Bring about the end of a universe

2. suck up souls OR manifest them in another form

3. Corrupt Keepers

4. Steal Power

5. Disperse energy/use as a weapon (Shadow Man in his fight)

6. Create an invincible barrier

7. Be used as a method of paralyzation

8. A conduit for energy, enough to launch several missiles into the moon with enough impact to completely destroy it

And thats probably just naming a few. What do you think? 

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