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Ok, so I've noticed in the latests patch, treyarch is implementing yet another round of secondary weapons to be added to MP. 

So, as a total count now for melee weapons: 


-Butterfly knife

-Regular knife


-Brass knuckles 

Fury's song 



So, I've been thinking: Treyarch should offer an upgrade system similar to weapon kits, for melee weapons like this: 

You have two categories: Each of which contains it's own set of melee weapons with their own special advantages, however you can only have one equipped per game in each category. You can occasionally earn variants of these in Dr. Monty's factory. 


-Butterfly: Does less damage in normal situations, but does more damage to zombies from behind, or to zombies that are on the other sides of barriers. Longer reach as well. 

-Regular: Same statistics as a regular knife, but you can paint-shop and camo it now. 

-Brass knuckles: Has a headshot multiplier, but is slower with the swing.

-Crowbar: A faster swing, but a lower feild to which one can make contact.  



Bowie: Same statistics as regular bowie.

Sicle: Just a bowie re-skin. For communist. 

Wrench: A much more blunt weapon, allowing to kill zombies with a single headshot on rounds up to 12. However it's body shots only one hit kill to 8. 

Fury's song: Also has a katana variant. Essentially it can kill to round 10 in one hit, and can be sliced just as fast as a bowie, but is super rare to obtain. 



You have to earn camos similar to how you unlock them in multiplayer via the monty roulette.  Once you unlock the first camo for a weapon, you've unlocked that weapon permanently. You can also burn duplicate weapon camos for a liquid divinium. But you can't burn gobble gums. 




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