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new update for xb1 and ps4

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ok so a new update out for xbox one 7.9 gigabyte in size patch notes here http://charlieintel.com/2016/02/08/new-patch-for-black-ops-3-now-live-on-xbox-one-includes-bug-fixes-and-more/ and ps4 9.5 in the case of the xbox one its the one ps4 got not so long ago. the new one for ps4 is 1.06 this is abit annoying seen as we are basically now one update behind i dont understand why they could not just give us the same as what is in the 1.06 for ps4? seen as we will probably have the errors they did with der eisendrache and game breaking bugs. ps4 patch notes here for 1.06 http://charlieintel.com/2016/02/08/new-black-ops-3-patch-live-on-playstation-4-patch-notes-posted/

anyway thought some of you might want to know so there it is. the elitism needs to end and before anyone says you had the dlc for years no i was on ps3 first since 2010. i dont care about the dlc id just prefer the updates at the same time thats about it .... also apparently on ps4 they removed unquenchable gobblegum and wall power as well as one of the dlc ones which i find that ridiculous so thats what will happen to us xbox one users? how does that make any sense considering people will of paid for cod points with liquid divinium and i am one of those people and no im not ashamed but hell seems ive probably been ripped off if my divinium is not refunded if they remove those of course im not on ps4 so ive not seen it for myself if anyone can confirm?

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6 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

So Xbox is now getting death machines, ready up, and the ability to get the new gobble gums from the widow's wine easter egg on SOE as well as several other features that should have been in the game upon launch? NEETO! 

appears to be so but guess what? they took away unquenchable and wall power ... is it an error i dont know. i bought cod points for liquid divinium so im not impressed if they dont fix this and correct it il be ringing xbox and demanding a refund seen as they took away essentially what i paid for which is robbery pretty much .... or they are as incompetent as "usual" how is it with every update they actually fuck up? lol .....

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4 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

I DOUBT it will stay that way. Wall power was needed to unlock that barracks thing. You should complain however, as that IS practically robbery. 

You paid money for a roulette. You earned a gobble gum from that roulette. That gobble gum is your property, legally, and if they take that, it's stealing. 

yep its why im irritated by it. not like they can refuse to refund me as i paid for what they took away .... or they better fix it fast! thing is it should not have ever happened in the first place. sure is if they dont no doubt they would have a law suit on their hands if someone pursued it or wanted to

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11 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

It's likely they're going to return it in a near patch. It's likely just an issue of fitting all the gumballs on one screen. They really should have just created a 3rd screen for dlc gums. 

funny thing is ps4 has the bug as well i believe or think since the 1.06 update? i suppose they always mess something up im not bothered as long as i get them back 

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On the BRIGHT side, the patch depicts some new INTERESTING weapons: 

-Crowbar (Iron Jim) Gonna morgan freeman some shit up! (I'd love this as a melee weapon in zombies) 

-M2 Raider: Nothing special. 

-Marshal 16: Looks like some kind of electric pistol. OR a massive eff-ing revolver. 

-Sword (Fury's song): Can't help but notice this looks almost like a katana, will we FINALLY get the weapon we've always wanted in takeo's hand? 

-Crossbow: awful lawton returning? 

Possibly more to come. 

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14 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

If this update goes out to PC users? I'm guessing no @TimelordAlex. They'd be able to play the game long before Xbox gets the chance to. 

Well i'm not sure, its a pretty big update for just patches, and the new gobblegums can be seen on the Xbone as well as DE now on the leaderboards, if we're gonna get it later that means another download we have to do.

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@dannyfrog2013 The issue with the removed gobblegum has been fixed on ps4, and as far as I can see it is not something that effects Xbox at the moment anyway, as we will not have access to the new gobblegum until the dlc drops, as they are part of the DLC. So I imagine it will already be fixed by the time we have access anyway. I still have all my wall power and unquenchable.

@TimelordAlex You can see the new gobblegum on Xbox one? I can't see any. As for Der Eisendrache, I'm pretty sure we haven't preloaded the map yet. All dlc content should appear in my games and apps once preloaded, so I would guess with the difference in size, that is what we are missing.

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What It might have done @TimelordAlex is download most of the new features (textures, wonderfizz, dragons, ect), and the leaderboards, but hasn't assembled them into the game. So you have the puzzle pieces, but not the picture. Honestly this would be a smart move, as it'd make the patch later on of smaller size. Essentially Xbox and PC users would download the map with smaller downloads over the course of a month, as opposed to one massive download the day before release.  

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Im not sure entirely how it would work with this game but in most IP cases, the digital property is never yours, even after you bought it! Glad that you got sorted as it was a glitch but flying off the handle claiming robbery is a little dramatic :)


Saying that when you spend money on something you are entitled to it as advertised.

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