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Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Song | "Dead Again"

The Meh

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I didn't really see any other posts on this yet, so I figured that I would post this now. This is the Der Eisendrache EE Song:


Any thoughts on the song itself, guys?

Personally, I find it to be okay... but it's not the greatest song ever, either.

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This song is so brutal and is a great return to this form of music. The opening riff is so delicious and the drums, so malicious. I feel bad for any band that wants to play these songs live simply because the drummer has his work cut out for him. The harmonies are so brutal that it almost crossed over a genre line at some point in the song. Helloween was brutal enough to do the same and tip toed on genre lines which made for incredible artwork (Excluding some albums; it's a personal thing, really). This song is no different. It's philosophical, brutal, intriguing, malicious, complex, and most of all heavy. I'm excited to hear more tunes of the like and possibly in Gobble Gum form. Call it "Tuned Up" and allow me to listen to a random Zombies song whenever I eat it.

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