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Project Contamination: Awakening Version 1.1

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Battle the undead while you try to escape old facility in wastelands. Experimenting was done here and players need to survive the horrors of what these experiments were. Welcome to Project Contamination: Awakening

This is a remake of both Shipment and Vacant, fused into one map, with a lot of new areas to explore

-Custom weaponry (No stock weapons)
    -This includes guns from MW2 up to BO3, with few being updated or from another game series, such as Battlefield 4 and Survarium
    -Buildable Sliquifier, Galvaknuckles, Gersch Device, updated wonderweapon from Black Ops, C4 and more
    -Over 40 weapons with all of them upgradable
-Multiple Enemy Variants:
    -Normal Zombies from Nuketown
    -Nova Crawlers from Kino Der Toten
    -3 custom bosses
-11 perks, 2 being completely custom ones
-Complete overhaul to mod, including FOV-slider, Shadows of Evil shaders, custom powerups, custom muzzleflashes/shellejects and more
-Medium/Long Main Easter Egg with smaller Easter Eggs scattered around
-5 Game Modes: Classic, Gun Game, Shipment, Kill Confirmed and Juggernaut
-And much more for you to discover...









Download links:

Note: Map does not need T4M to run. I have removed most of the console spam though, so T4M-users can play without big FPS-issues, except maybe in few instances.
You can get graphical issues in the map and multiple errors while starting. For graphical issues, turn texture-settings down and then restarting. With multiple errors, you need to start the map as many times as it needs. This is something in WaW, which I can't fix.
Also, report issues that happen more than once, since there are always one-time issues.






Beta Testers:
-Andy Whelan
-And everyone else, who got version of the map at some point

-Harry Bo21

And Of Course:
-Infinity Ward
-Sledgehammer Games
-UGX-Mods Forum
-CallOfDutyZombies Forum

Version 1.1 Log:
-New Game Mode has been added: Juggernaut
-New Easter Egg added for Classic Game Mode
-Added Black Ops 3 Death Machine, Ghosts Ameli and Ghosts CBJ-MS
-New buildable has been added
-Optional perk limit has been added
-New options added for Kill Confirmed
-Pack-a-Punch camo has been changed to be one from The Giant
-Fixed the grenade pickup animation
-Removed few doors, that were not needed
-Aligned few models and patches
-Fixed few bugs with Game Modes
-New round start sounds have been added
-Updated some textures in the map, like powerup shaders and round chalks
-Some weapon fixes have been done

Version 1.1 Credits:

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Map has been updated to 1.1, change log is in original post

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This looks awesome. Its on WaW, right? Have a great trip to the Far East.

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On 12.5.2016 at 11:02 PM, anonymous said:

This looks awesome. Its on WaW, right? Have a great trip to the Far East.

Yes, its in WaW, and I did have great trip in China, lol, thanks

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