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The download includes 5 maps.
Return to WWII for a more classic World at War Nazi Zombies experience as you slay the undead using an arsenal of weaponry that would be available during the time.
The challenge system seen in SOG and Backlot returns. Complete the challenges to unlock more perks, then survive the end game to beat the map.

Dawnville Low Detail:
The same as Dawnville, except all unnecessary detail has been removed from the map. The map has been covered in fog, and anything inside the fog will not be rendered. This version of the map is for those that play on laptops I've done all I can to increase the FPS without removing any gameplay elements, but do recognize that it will not be exactly the same experience as the normal version. If this version does not run well for you, then you may want to look into purchasing a new PC.

Trainstation Survival:
For those of you that like to do first room challenges, this is for you. Bouncing betties, bowie knife, and an STG-44 have all been added to the wall. The mystery box has been moved to the station as well. Keep the windows boarded and don't let the zombies in. Aim for the head and kill them quick. Survive as long as you can.

Trench Defense:
Defend a small trench line against the waves of undead.
Obtain perks and upgrades through kills and headshots. Survive as long as you can.

Graveyard Shift:
Your squad sets up in the church and prepares for a fight. With a mounted MG and limited weapons and ammo, you must send the undead back to their graves. No magic. Survive as long as you can. Best played in coop.


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