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Strange painting in Campaign safe zone

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So I'm combing campaign looking for any zombie related imagery, because it IS there. Anyway, I was winding down from my search a couple of nights ago and I realized I never checked out the second story area in the first safe zone you get to (where you customize loadouts and the VR training) so I went up there and saw a few cool paintings, but I only captured one because it has zombie stuff to it....sort of.

The first picture I saw was a building covered in florescent lighting, it really had a Shadows of Evil feel to it, the second was of a giant robot, but it didn't look like G935's giants, and it had this abstract color patters coming from it's face, a very cool design but I couldn't really connect it to G935.

Then I found this brown/red smeared painting and it instantly looked out of place to me, it's literally nothing but smudges, and someone has drawn on the glass where dust collected. Here is the photo, captured from my ps4.

And here are the images I've found so far

the ones in red are what I know to be there, the two blue circles are things I can make out, but I can't tell what it is. The longer blue circle is definitely some lettering, arching over the "poster" anyone with some photoshop skills care to play with the image? I have inverted it and gray scaled it but I cant make them out any easier.

What do you guys think? I know it's not ground breaking but all the big stuff has been found for the most part (save a few ciphers) so I thought this would be semi important, or if anything give us something to play around with.

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In your smaller blue circle, it almost looks like upside down numbers.

Like 1'5,15+ 

It could be Jan 5, 2015 date.

The + almost looks like a 4, or when folk cross a seven, just to be annoying. 1'5,154 or 1'5,157.

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I don't know, to me when I look at it, I see a "Plague Pod" (bottom left) & a "Master Pod" (right center). Seemingly with a smiley face, like yup it exists.

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@Tattoo247 i don't know if you can or not, I know I can't since I don't have internet. Go to the Footlight District, where the Box spawn is beside the Perk Machine. While facing the Box, turn around, heading back towards going down the stairs you open in "Beast".

The room straight in front of you with 319 on the Awning, there's an image in this room that looks, "Peculiar". If you head towards the Tram Station from this area, where the Devil-O-Doughnut Cart is, inside this room is the same image, only this time a lot bigger. 

I'm curious if you can get a good screenshot of it in theater node. As I've noted, I simply don't have this option. It just seems like an "Important" image, resembles the Junction Area, although I can't say for certain.

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@Ragdo11706 Do you mean the painting on the back wall? I nearly started a topic about this last week but I didn't really have anywhere to go with it,  just another loose connection. But the painting is a dark figure in a wide rimmed hat and the backdrop does look familiar though I couldn't find an identical area in Shadows. What's strange is the same painting can be found in the multiplayer map Infection along with numerous other Shadows of Evil items, textures.




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That'd be the one @DaveLo07. Yea something about that image seems very "Peculiar". I don't know what it is, maybe the strand of "Balls" similar to what's inside the Ruby Rabbit. Can't quite put my finger on it. 

Seems important nonetheless. For some reason I still feel as if that barricade inside, "The Ladys Secret" Room, with the 4 Lions. Can be destroyed somehow. That bridge with the Door at the end of it seems to out of place, especially given the fact on the Tram Map it's represented by a big black "DOT". 

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