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What do we think is going on with Maxis?

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I'm not really so much concerned about what we think his plans are, but rather where everyone thinks the different versions of Maxis are connected. Do we have multiple Maxises or is he perhaps the one constant between all the maps. I find myself unsure about the topic and am interested in hearing some theories.

It now seems certain that Origins, SoE, and The Giant are all one timeline between different realms with the new DLC being a continuation of those maps since we are told its a 4th installment. But is the Maxis in this story the same Maxis from WaW-BO2 that destroyed the world and made it to Agartha? Thats a major question I have trouble trying to answer because evidence supports both arguments. For example, the American version of Sam in Origins tells us in her own words that Maxis tried but never reached Agartha. If Origins was after the events on Buried, wouldn't Maxis be in Agartha? And wouldn't his daughter be the German one we all know and love. There really isn't much, if anything, on the Origins map that suggests the map is after Buried. The cutscene on the other hand hints that it is, even though its hard to say exactly when that cutscene takes place. Again, it doesn't make sense to occur directly after Origins since Maxis is there sharing his plan with Sam who just told us in the map he never made it there. 

But the radios and quotes on The Giant seem to hint that its the same Maxis from Buried. The fly trap starts with Maxis quoting Sam from Der Riese and saying "those were her exact words". And he mentions how the scars of Samantha's past actions allow for communication across the rift. This could be referring to her causing the outbreaks in WaW-BO which destroyed the world, but it wasn't until Maxis blew the Earth up on Moon that the rift supposedly started to open. 

So do we think this is the same Maxis from Buried who made it to Agartha and now wants to set everything right, or do we think its a different Maxis and perhaps the Buried Maxis will show up to ruin the plans? I haven't seen too many theories on this and curious what everyone thinks. 

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As of right now, my theory is that we've encountered two Maxis's, maybe three.  We have the obvious one from the original timeline, then we have the Origins Maxis that's in The Giant and Shadows, and then we've got cutscene Maxis from the Origins cutscene, and then we have the irrelevant Maxis that gets teleported away in The Giant intro.  So those four, but basically three.  I'm currently torn on how I think it all fits together, but I believe the Origins cutscene Maxis is the same Maxis from the last three maps, meaning there are essentially two in my world.  I need to go listen to all the quotes again so I can remember what's up with Origins haha.

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I feel the same in that there are mainly two. Pre and Post Origins. But that Sam flytrap quote specifically, makes me think they're maybe the same. 

And just to confuse things even more, I'd say its possible that the Origins map Maxis might be different from the Origins cutscene Maxis. If the cutscene takes place right after the EE, then another Maxis aside from the drone has been with Sam before the drone one ever makes it. That brings the count up to maybe 5. :mrgreen:

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