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Die Rise Easter Egg Inside Multiplayer


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I can see the similarities to Die Rise but traditionally multiplayer maps have been made based off of events from the campaign, for the most part. I was under the impression this map was just based off the quarantine zone in Singapore from the campaign. And the mummified looking corpses around the map are just from the people who starved to death or died from dehydration. As for the rest of that stuff I think it's mainly just reused textures to save development time, as many developers have done before, and were used because of having a similar setting to Die Rise. I don't deny there being zombie EE's in there, I just don't think much of that stuff is a direct reference to zombies.

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13 minutes ago, MixMasterNut said:

That Foo Dog model has been around since WAW.

- Mix


But its not the ones from WaW its the one they specifically used in Die Rise with the balls you have to shoot or take.

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This really is nothing. Just seems like a pointless video for views. @madgaz182 Considering this is a text forum, please write a short explanation of what your video contains rather than just a link.


The statue was even shown in one of the Multiplayer reveal trailers. They have appeared since WaW & also in a BO2 Multiplayer map.


Some of the pictures are in Die Rise too & are in Shadows of Evil.


4 hours ago, Nightmare Voyager said:


Thanks for that, but it seems weird to have these references there then.

Singapore is varied with Asian cultures. It is not odd at all to have these things in the map.


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