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Zombies Character Customisation

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For a long time people have wanted the ability to customise and create their characters for a zombie map. I honestly do not like that idea because it technically makes the whole story non-canon, like Extinction. But, I do think their could be good use for the character customisation we see in Campaign and Multiplayer. I think it would be really nice to be able to do certain objectives in game, as a character, which lead to getting a piece of clothing. Just like you do in MP for the Specialists, except you have no choice of when to unlock this stuff because of characters being random. This would be headshots, kills while doing such and such. All stuff like that. In fact I was pretty sure this was planned to be in the core game, because the files said some vague thing about character customisation so it could have been planned to be a feature spread across all of zombies. Gear sets that are grouped together into a category, like jungle or artic, but in zombies. With that explanation out of the way, here is what I was really hoping they would do customisation wise, it should explain what I mean more:

Nero Gear- Classic Magician (Top hat, cape, white gloves etc), The Amazing Nero (as seen on magazine covers).

Jessica Gear- Classic Femme Fatale (Hat, long frilled dress, formal style etc).

Vincent Gear- Classic Cop (Hardhat, baton, classic looking police uniform)

Campbell- Classic Boxer (Bald, twirly mustache, big bloxing gloves, shorts), Champion Floyd (decorated with champions belt and medals), Fighter Campbell (as seen in intro).

Richtofen- Military uniform (Kino suit), astronaut version (Ascension suit), decorated officer (medals etc).

Dempsey- Military uniform (Kino suit), decorated officer (medals etc).

Nikolai- Military uniform (Kino suit), decorated officer (medals etc).

Takeo- Military uniform (Kino suit), decorated officer (medals etc).


Things like that to just change the characters clothing, not change the people but their clothes. Somebody would probably come up with some better clothing ideas than me, I used to have more but I have forgotten them all. I had this idea since about back to when the beta came out and I am kinda sad they never did it. I am going to hope in vain hope they will add it in somehow in the future.

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