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Chivalry is dead in zombies

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When I first started to seriously play zombies in Black Ops 1 playing with randoms was one of the most fun things to do on the game I found. People would often have mics and would talk and interact, making the entire game far more fun. More than that, if you made a mistake and went down then they would happily revive you, or at least try to if it was possible meaning that the entire game felt far more like a team game than it is now.

What I find now is whenever you go down in Shadows of Evil people are too far away to bother reviving you or else are too busy dealing with Margwas or rituals to be of any help. Even in The Giant I find that people would much prefer to camp on the catwalk than attempt to revive anyone even if you're lying at the bottom of the stairs. What has changed? I always make an effort to revive my teammates as at the end of the day it is a team game and it's not fun for them if they have to respawn on round 24 with no weapons, so why does nobody else I come across try to? Playing with randoms just isn't fun anymore, they don't bother talking to you and don't seem to care about reviving anyone at any point, no matter how easy it may be. When did zombies become such a selfish game?

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Yea playing with randoms has become more of a hassle than its worth some times. I firmly believe there should be consequences for quitters. Like  a ban where u can't join another game until the game that u quit is finished. Playing with random on soe is the worst  most of the time their no help cause they don't know what their doing and u try to teach them and its hopeless cause they don't wanna learn. So they make the map WAY harder than it needs to be

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I had really good luck last night I guess. It was my first time entering SOE online as I bought myself an xbox one for Christmas and am just getting around to it. First lobby is a part of 2 guys with mics and another random with no mic. We played probably 10 sessions, reaching round 10 eventually I guess. It was my first time really playing SOE and these guy s new how to do everything so it was nice. The no-mic'er really didn't help much and was our downfall at each session but at least they stayed.

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In soe, there is literally no excuse. Between beast revives and the subway rifts (to get anywhere quickly), a revive is just seconds away.

Such is randoms. 1% become our trusted zombie slaying, back watching teammates, the rest... Ugh.

I haven't done a single randoms game yet even though solo gets old sometimes. I'm on 360, so it's real slim pickings. Maybe half a million own this game. I'm 31 in the 360 world for miles traveled.

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I've yet to play a public match of Zombies in BO3. My experience with it in BO2 turned me off, because as you said people couldn't be bothered helping out downed team mates, even if you had helped them out first. When I solo'd SoE I realised it would be awful if you had no communication with team mates, so I've never bothered. And The Giant is just Der Riese, nothing really new to experience there

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Public matches are a thing of the past. I've yet to be impressed by randoms and there are a few reasons for this.

1. Inexperience- they feel the need to open the whole map up, and scamper all over it not announcing they are coming near someone's train.

2. Conflicting strategy- I am always willing to try a strategy, but it always seems two or sometimes all three randoms argue over what to do in game. There is no one way to play a map, I wish people would realize this.

3. Elitism- My favorite reason not to play randoms, God forbid you have a low rank because you're basically low man on the totem pole. Remember the crap from BO2? "Need one player for EE, shotgun rank only PL0000X" It's literally the only time I will lecture someone on zombie etiquette, watch and see what a person is capable of before you go "teaching them the game" the last thing I want to hear is I'm going the wrong way, doing it wrong ect ect...on a map I've played for years. Unless we are talking EE, there is never a leader to a zombies match.

4. Rage quit- We all know this one...guy hoards points, buys perks and hits the box, goes down....quit. You're almost never going to end a game with all the players you start with.

5. And lastly, rude/perverted attitude. I've had people blast music over their mics, eat chips, and belch and I have to say it disgusts me to no end. If it's people I've played with for a long LONG time, I don't mind hearing something about sex or drugs, but don't drag it on into a full conversation. Also something I've said since BO1, if you can't handle your alcohol or whatever mind altering substance you like, don't do it and play a game with someone. I can have a few beers and not feel the need to be a stereotypical belligerent drunk, nobody cares how many drinks you've had, nobody cares how good you feel and no one cares about your karaoke skills...


And that folks, is your guide to randoms, with a 5% chance of finding that one person that can cooperate with a stranger and mind his/her manners and etiquette.   


EDIT: My own personal pet peve with the game, don't plug your mic in and just talk to whoever is in your room...I don't know why this bothers me but it does.

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I agree that now there are too many randoms that are just rude and really the amount of kids or just guys with loud music or just never played a game of zombies in their life I'm just saying this when you try to help them then they say every word in the book of words that should not be said in public seriously it was so much better in the early WAW days or BLOPS 1 days but now don't even try. randoms are the worst!

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