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Nikolai's Memories - Demon Within (Campaign Mission) [Possible Spoilers]

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The Room which you see in the Background of the Nikolai Memories video is a room found in the Campaign Mission "Evil Within"


Evil Within features ~

  • Some of the cinematic are in  the "Nightmares" cinematic
  • 3 sequence's where you are fighting on the battlefield during World War 2.
  • The Siege of Bastogne (was an engagement in December 1944 between American and German forces at the Belgian town of Bastogne, as part of the larger Battle of the Bulge.) 
  • In the 2nd sequence you land inside the house that is featured in the "Nikolai's Memories" video.
  • At the end of this mission there is a sequence where you fight off Zombies. 
  • The tress & landscape in the mission are the same as the Zombies Menu



Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 / Treyarch - Nikolai_Memories



















































Credit to whoever found it. I only just started the campaign & played this mission after the video was released. I noticed the Piano & Gramophone in the mission but didn't realise it was the same as the video. Then I saw Mr RoflWaffles talking about it & his video. 


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Damn right, skippy! Now we're getting to the good stuff. 

You would think that the house is just some reference to the house that is supposedly housing the children we constantly hear about. Hopefully this isn't just a re-used background; Treyarch is way too clever to re-use something in a teaser for Zombies...they know we dissect the hell out of anything, even air particles.

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There is something going on with this house & the location. The Pine Tree forest is the same as the Zombies Menu Campfire.


The Giant characters are searching for the O3, perhaps this mission is where they crossed paths & were intercepted by Richtofen? The Point in time that needs to be stopped or changed. Hopefully this house, it's scenery & the Menu Screen will all come into play at DLC 4. Tie some of the stories together.



This whole mission is nuts.


I played "Evil Within" on Realistic & the final sequence with the Zombies was freaking me out. It really was. You are trapped & cornered inside this house with the fire moving towards you. There is nowhere to go. Classic Zombies right there.


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Good find. It's probably just a random house they could use that had the period look they needed. There wouldn't be any reason for Hall's memories of her research into the Battle of Bastogne to include a house Nikolai may have lived in for a short time during WW1. It could perhaps be his own memory of that house, which was most likely in France if its the time he mentions in the letter, somehow falling into her memory, much like the zombies do during the map. If every bottle of alcohol was vodka I'd think that would be a big sign its his house, but there was gin and other spirits. 


That mission is awesome. The scene in the house with zombies closing in is how I always imagined a Treyarch Zombies campaign might be like. You go through a typical style CoD mission and randomly get locked in a confined area having to survive for a period of time to advance the mission. The fire closing off the area even more while you play it is an amazing touch. I can remember my panic while running along the back wall trying to live a little longer. 


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