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Storyline theory

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Alright so I was talking about the Call of duty Zombies storyline to my brother, talking about the descriptions for the maps and everything. I found out that on Der riese, it says, "This is where the master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends". In truth it does all end in der riese or the Giant in this case. In the opening cutscene for the Giant(Spoilers!), Richtofen from Origins kills his future self. That is where our FIRST storyline ends but, where our second storyline begins. What I'm trying to say is that the description of Der Riese in World at War told us that this map is where everything in our first storyline ends. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to put out this theory but i wanted to put it up just in case it hasn't.

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Its a good theory and would mean the developers put a lot of thought and planning into the story's future when they wrote that back in WaW. Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems like there is no connection between Der Riese and The Giant. We have no idea what happened to the WaW, BO1, and BO2 versions of the characters. They most likely lived in a different version of Earth than the Origins characters. The Richtofen who is shot in the beginning of the Giant seems to be a different Richtofen since the map also seems to be taking place in a different timeline/universe. We have different radios telling a new story, there is the giant robot in the background, and other changes in the map. Der Riese could maybe occur in this same timeline later on, with some huge events happening between now and then, but most likely its a different universe from The Giant. The new maps are strongly hinting that there are multiple realms and timelines all going on. 

One possibility is that these maps may have occurred at the same time, just in different universes. Since the universes seem to share some common elements between them, WaW/BO Richthofen may have transported Sam and Maxis at the same exact time as The Giant Richtofen does. And the Origins crew just jumped forward in time from 1918, much like the old crew jumps forward in time in BO. If this is the case, then one possibility for the story line is that we will follow the plans of the new Maxis and Richtofen throughout the DLC this year. Then at the end, when they are finally about to reach their goal, the BO2 Richtofen or Maxis might take over and ruin their plans. So the ending of Buried might link up to the current story line we are on. People found out that the game coding reads the EE information of BO2. So if you chose Maxis' side in Buried and he takes control of the Aether and reaches Agartha, its possible that the new story line might get ruined when that event happens. But thats all just a theory and the current story is so mixed up, any theory has a shot at being right. 

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I still think we'll actually see a return to the "original" storyline at some point. It seems like the YO4 are traveling around the different universes looking for something to bring back or stop from coming to their original one.

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