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Mosh Destroyer

SOE hiden picture/origins connection?

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Hi guys! do you know that hidden picture that is all torn up in SOE? in the botom right area, it says the children will be safe in the (im assuming it says house) Now think back to the origins ending where 


samantha says something along the lines of "my dad has a plan" 




Could this plan be to hide them in this house where they may be safe from  the zombies? just sharing a theory i had! :)

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First off, welcome to the site!  It's good to have you!

As for the house, there's only so much we know about it, but here's what can be picked up.  In the Origins cutscene, we see Samantha and Eddy playing games with each other and then Samantha say that her dad has a plan (as you pointed out).  Well, in The Giant radios, he says the following:


Dr. Ludvig Maxis: Day 66.  The children are gone and the house still feels empty.  I miss their laughter, their games.  The sirens have not sounded for several months.  I do believe that we may have turned the tide on the battle, but at what cost?  The radiation levels from the fallout remain dangerously high.  I can only pray I live long enough to confirm that my plan was indeed successful and the dark presence that has haunted our dreams, that infected every facet of our existence, has finally been vanquished.

So, it seems as though he launched whatever plan it was that he had, but the radiation levels are very high.  The note implies that there's something the kids need to be safe from, and the place to be safe is in the house.  It seems to me that they were sent to the house on the rock, from the house in the cutscene, in order to be safe.  Duplicates in another dimension perhaps.

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