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Gobble gum 2: The revenge!

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So, as a DLC Idea, I've recently housed the concept of more gobble gums. 

These new gums typically fallow a specific theme, but can be used on all maps. There are five types of gumballs:

-Unlimited: Unlocked via XP, none of the new gumballs are. 

-Mega (normal) Unlocked via liquid divinium in the factory.  (MN)

-Mega (special)  (MS)

-Mega (Ultra rare) Super OP perks unlocked rarely by a similar method (MU)

-Reward: A special gumball rewarded by simply playing the game, much like liquid divinium they spawn at random and once obtained are kept until the game ends and it's added into your supply, for you to later equip into your pack. (R)


For example the sweet sour gumball pack: Each gumball comes with two possible outcomes, one really good, one somewhat bad. It's a 50/50 risk. Are you willing to partake?  Examples: 

(R)-Point horde: Has a random chance of rewarding you with 1000 points, or spawning in 10 zombies. 

(MU)-In-fine-ite: Either gives a player invincibility for a round, or gives the zombies infinite health, forcing one to kill the zombies with traps. 


Then there's the tropical gumball pack, which revolves around island themed changes and even a few really good gumballs that require sacrifices (zombie kills) to obtain the final result. 

(R)- Tiki tide: After 50 kills, every zombie killed after it will be for triple the points, but only lasts for 3 minutes. 

(MS)- Sacrifice Surf: Kill zombies, if you manage to kill X amount in X amount of time, you get a free perk! 


Then there's Healthy Hanz brand which only supply mild helpful effects. 

(MU)- Band-aid: While a maps song is undergone, enjoy the benefits of invincibility. 

(R)- Bargain sale: Doors and wall weapons are now 50% off for the next round to you. 


Then there's Dastardly Dann brand which will cause temporary afflictions, but once that ends you are rewarded with a fantastical prize. 

(R)- Slow-go: Move at half speed for 50 seconds, but earn triple the points for kills. 

(MS)- Cleansing: Removes all your perks for a bit, over the course of 2 minutes, all of your perks will be returned as well as an extra perk to tag along. 






What are some ideas of yours? 

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The ideas are really interesting, however I think most of them (especially In-fine-ite) are too unbalanced in the current form. If they'd be a tad less extreme, it would be a great addition to the system.

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Amusing, as usual. Reminds me of Borderlands brands.


Mega: Sphere of annihilation: 2 activations, lasts 10 seconds; any zombie that touches you vanishes and doesn't respawn until the effect wears off. You can run through zombies crowds unhindered.


Ultra Rare Mega: I'm not dead yet: activates on death; instead of dying, you teleport to Junction with your perks and stuff intact.


Mega: Knife Fight; 1 activation, 20 seconds each. Players guns/grenades vanish, they can't take damage, and have Instakill knifing until it wears off.


Mega: I'm the Juggernaut, bitch; 1 activation, 20 seconds. You can't be stopped by zombies. You take less damage from zombies and zombies slide out of your way as you run through them.


Rare Mega: Happy Hour; 2 activations. Lasts like Fire Sale. All perks are $250.

That's off the top of my head.


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Girls, Girls, Girls! - Ultra Rare - This gobble gum acts like Killing Time but adds more fun and fare to the equation. Instead of just shooting them and having them all explode for no good reason, you will shoot them and they will turn into dancers! These dancers work like the Turned zombies where the zombies used melee attacks our dancers use their dancing techniques to decimate the horde. They can revive you like the Civil Protector and stay until the zombies overwhelm them or you. (One activation)

The Yellow Ball's Hat - Ultra Rare - This Gobble Gum is a parody of my own artwork but works like my character's Hat. Once activated a magic hat will appear on your head allowing you to hold a maximum of 5 weapons. Once the gumball runs out, the last two weapons you switched to are kept while the rest are destroyed. (Lasts six rounds - instant activation)

The Great White Gobble Gum - Ultra Rare - This goggle gum is more than rare, it's ultra rare. This gobble gum plays out like a mystery coin, except the chances of getting ultra rare and rare gobble gums are much higher than the classic types. If you are lucky, you'll get to use the Great White Activation. Once activated you are forced to disappear! You reappear outside the map, looking down into a snow-globe. Inside the snow-globe is the map! You are The Great White One... Watching the damned souls try to succeed... Here, you are invincible. You can kill the zombies that spawn in and just stand there or you can watch the other players try to survive! However, after 3 rounds have passed.. You must join your unfortunates... Another Parody of my own art. (Player activation; once)

Magic Man's Wand - Rare - This is a serious gobble gum, not a parody. This allows for you to change the magic drop that is currently in front of you. Say you killed the margwa and you desperately need an Insta, Max, or Nuke just to buy you some time. Ooo, luckily you have Magic Man's Wand and thus you activate it changing the Fire Sale into a... Double Points. (Three Chances; all random)

The Liquor - Ultra Rare - Once you activate this, you become Mr. Lahey! You are drunk, belligerent, and a flaming homosexual! You will gain two times your Perks-a-cola abilities and your weapons will be weaker. (Instant Activation; Lasts one round.)

Finally, I'll leave you with this.

The Piss Break - Super Ultra Rare Impossible Never-Going-To-Happen-Fuck - Once activated, you are allowed to be untouchable and unable to kill anything. You are ignored by all types of zombies and cannot die under any circumstances. Your movement is crippled by 50% and your vision turns black and white. This will last until you activate the gobble gum again, causing the gum to disappear and everything to turn normal again. (two activations; one to activate and one to deactivate)

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