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Ok i receieved a message from a random guy last night saying he found a rare gumball thats not on any lists, he showed a picture of a well crafted image of a gumball, only thing he didnt correct the smaller image to suit, so it was easily debunked, this got me thinking, i wonder what GUMBALLS they will bring with the dlc, if that is of course they bring some, so i made a few for you guys to check out and discuss 




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I will say those are very well made.

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The first two, not so much, as free running opens the map a bit too much IMO. As much as I wish we had access to other areas, I don't think we can really appreciate the feeling that being closed into a play zone provides until we lose it.

Recharged-I would suggest a trap activator instead. The race to the power-and finding the power-is a classic and integral part of Zombies...at least, with the exception of Origins, Alcatraz and SoE.

Flopper's Boot and ProNade, however, are good ideas. Though, don't we have a flopper-like one yet? I thought we did, perhaps I am mistaken.

Flopper's boot, however, I think ought to be an activated gum, where it could be used on necessity, and having a thunderpunch effect,

I would cut ProNade down to 60 seconds, though.

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I had an idea for a new list of gobble-gum dlc: Fruitastrophe. 

Basically the gum revolved on the same basis as "mega" gobble gums, only they give an OP effect, as well as an adversive effect. These gumballs, unlike the megas, are earned in two ways: -randomly from zombie kills or for the more rare ones -from the factory. 

Here's a few concepts: 

Revive Raspberry: Lets you revive players at double speed for three rounds, but makes it so you're revived at half speed. 

Boom Blueberry: Triples grenade damage for two minutes, but this doubles for damage received by grenades. 

Mellon Murder: Lets you use points as amo for one round upon use (3 uses) Obvious downsides, but out of amo is out of amo. 

Mix-up Mango: When used it will randomize where the box, wonderfizz, and gum machine are, useful for moving them if they're in a bad location, but can also make things worse. 

Mystery Mint: Creates a field around you that hides you from zombies for 20 minutes, but only while the box, wonderfizz, or gum machines is being spun or PAP is in use. The field it's self only lasts as long as the animation does. 

Glitch-grape: Glitches the game, allowing one to no-clip through all doors for about 2 minutes, the downside being the zombies can no-clip through barriers as well. 

Punishment Peach: The next door you buy after using this will activate an electric barricade, leaving the room inaccessible for a while, but keeps zombies at bay from the other side. If all doors have been purchased, the gum can also be activated to set off a nearby trap for free. 


Ultra Rare: 

Rainbow Run: All zombies that touch you for a whole round instantly die. Much like the star on exo-zombies. Limit to one per game. Immediate use. 

UAppleV: Gives you a mini-map for the rest of the game that depicts where you and any enemies are. 

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My prediction is that they'll add new tabs on the Gobblegum menu for DLC gums (should they choose to add any). Like, next to "Classic" and "Mega", there will be tabs for "DLC1", "DLC2", etc. (Or just one DLC tab). Also I feel like some of them will be unlimited use (similar to the classic gums) while some will have to be obtained through Dr. Monty's. Anyways, here are some ideas I have:

Tip Your Slayer (Unlimited use, lasts 3 minutes) - Points earned are multiplied by 1.5.

Heads Up (Unlimited use, lasts 2 full rounds) - Headshots do extra damage.

Free Samples (Common mega, lasts 1 full round) - Gives you all perks on the map until the effect wears off, then reduces you to only the perks you had prior to chewing the gumball.

That Classic Flavor (Common mega, activated, 1 use) - Immediately gives you Juggernog.

I've Got My Back (Rare mega, activated when player bleeds out) - Instead of dying after bleeding out, the player is immediately revived with all weapons but no perks.

Eternal Enhancement (Rare mega, activated, 1 use) - Permanently upgrades the weapon in the player's hands. If the player loses/replaces the weapon and gets it back later, it will be received upgraded. (Not usable on Wonder or special weapons.)

Flash Forward (Ultra-rare mega, activated immediately, limited to one per player per game) - All zombies on the map immediately die, the round ends, and each player is granted 2000 points.

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I really like the idea of sticking with themes of gum. Like if DLC 1 is set on an island, I'd like tropical flavored gum, or DLC 2 just has sour/sweet gumballs. 

Sour/sweets would work like this: 
There's a 50/50 chance of getting one effect or the other from each gumball. One bad one really good: All are mega-esque and typically one time uses. 

Pay checks: Gives each player 1000 points, or spawns in 10 zombies. 

Bombs of Burden: Each player can carry more grenades for a few rounds or all the frag grenades on you go live and you need to throw them QUICK. (Doesn't apply for specials)

Pack or Punish: Either spawns in the elusive "Bonfire sale", or un-packapunches a weapon you're holding (or does nothing) 

Die or wolves: Can either spawn in a group of special zombies (meat-balls, dogs, paracites,ect.) or revives all players on the map (with perks). 


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While some of this stuff is good in theory-think about it. We have what, 40 gumballs available, some WAY OP'd. I would be completely fine without any further gumballs. I wanna see interactive game mechanics of a mechanical nature. Not perks, drops, or weapons. This isn't AW. Not even any more portals. TBH, that is getting overdone. If it's teleporters, okay. But Tranzit, MotD, Origins, and SoE on TOP of the classic teleporters is just getting to be too much. At least the old teleporters make sense. Now we use a portal to get to subway station. :-/ What happened to zip lines and launchers and bounce pads and heck-we never have used any kind of swing. But anyhoo.

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On 11/30/2015, 7:33:14, NaBrZHunter said:

Now we use a portal to get to subway station. :-/ What happened to zip lines and launchers and bounce pads and heck-we never have used any kind of swing. But anyhoo.

I honestly never used those features much outside of the first few times I played those maps. They were a nuisance in my opinion, and portals are much more convenient and practical. And gumballs are overpowered but I think the fact that you can't get that many from the randomness of the factory balances everything out. 


Anyways, here's my gum ideas:

Infradead Sight (Common, lasts two rounds): Allows players to see zombies through walls for two rounds as red outlines (like the oracle in Ghosts). Great for planing escape routes and choosing the safer path.

Sanctuary (Rare, one activation): When activated, when the current round ends as the last zombie dies, the next round won't start until one more minute, giving players who accidentally ended the round early to do stuff.

Cash Back (Common, lasts until the end of the current round): Lasts for one round, and everything bought gives the players a fraction of the points back.

Truly Upgraded (Ultra-Rare, two activations): When activated, the gun in your hand can now get two Pack-a-Punch perks now, stacked on top of each other. 


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