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Efficient way to Gum Gobbler Master?

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I've heard of ways to keep your mega gobble gums by disconnecting but does that keep your challenge progress please confirm?



Bullet Bonanza

core gum - [Alchemical Antithesis]

(Tier 3 - 3000 bullets)

straight forward just group up zombies activate and unload clips into the hoard until unlocked.


Escape Artist

core gum - [Anywhere But Here]

(Tier 3 - 40 teleports)

Just try and hit the gobble gum machine every round and when this one pops up just use them.



core gum - [Sword Flay]

(Tier 3 - 500 kills)

Buy the Bowie Knife to keep this a one hit knife up to 22 needs confirmed.


Gum Baller


(Tier 3 - 200 consumes)

Will come naturally


Ace Up My Sleeve


(Tier 3 - unknown)

Anything you can spawn in will count


Contents Hot

Mega - [Burned Out]

(Tier 3 - unknown)

Group up zombies and let one hit you


Bells and Whistles

Mega - [Ephemeral Enhancement]

(Tier 3 - unknown)

Once activated your gun will turn pack a punched for 60 seconds.

***I've never used this one but what I assume is you have 60 seconds of your gun being packed so maybe you could run around buying wall weapons during that period of time to get more than one tally? Please confirm?


From Ashes

Mega - [Phoenix Up]

(Tier 3 - unknown)

Play multiplayer with 4. When obtaining the phoenix up you can ask everyone in your lobby to down them self for a whopping 3 revives or just wait until everyone is down.


Package Deal

Mega - [Wall Power]

(Tier 3 - Unknown)

Just buy a wall gun you want packed.









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