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If Der Reise came out today

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The year is 2016, the final Black Ops III DLC is upon us. We've stuck by the series for years, hammering hours into Verruckt and Shi No Numa, the only zombies maps World at War produced. We gladly paid another $15 for the 3 classic maps that came with Moon on Black Ops. While many played Shadows of Evil on the launch day of Black Ops III, many dedicated fans spent hours on Asylum, a remastering of the fan-favorite Verruckt. 


Today, Treyarch releases a brand new map loaded with incredible new features; Der Riese.


Loading up single player, a cutscene featuring 4 new guest starring characters plays. I think I've heard of one of them from that one movie that looked kinda good but nobody saw. I am forced to watch the first 3 minutes before it can be skipped. The game loads, I am equipped with a new pistol that is pretty much the same as the other six starting pistols. 5 minutes of intense dialogue ensue, the characters spout enthralling lines such as, "Where am I?" and "What is going on"? The fourth demonic announcer of the game, played by Peter Dinklage, tells me to do something for the good of all something.


It is round 3, I have yet to kill a zombie. Cyborgs come from the ground. The barriers are pretty much just a decoration at this point. There are two doors, each priced at 1250 points. They lead to the same place. I look to find the power switch, which must be assembled out of 15 parts at 5 different crafting tables.


In one hour of playtime I have successfully turned on the power and bought a gun. It is round 5. However, my job is not yet done. In order to buy a perk, I must kill enemies around the machine to collect their souls. I look for Juggernog, but see that it has been put in the graveyard along with PhD Flopper, Speed Cola, and Double Tap for making the game too fun easy. I opt to purchase Deadshot Daiquiri instead. The power switch breaks and must be repaired.


I come across three teleporters which must be linked to the mainframe. In order to do this, I must use a beacon to transform me into "This is totally new guys I swear" mode, which allows me to shoot electricity and jump kinda high. Using the electricity I zap 12 of 37 randomized symbols, linking the first teleporter. Unfortunately for me I did not write down the other set of 12 symbols and make a mistake, locking me out of the ability to link the teleporters for the rest of the game.


Oh well, at least I can pack a punch. I follow a 14 step process using a YouTube tutorial that unlocks the machine. I put my starting pistol in, and am prompted to type a 2 page essay to Treyarch detailing how the new map is fresh, innovative, and fun. For my efforts I receive the Rofl and Waffle, a set of pistols identical to Mustang and Sally. This weapon is shortly removed from the game via patch.


I purchase a Gobblegum and receive a Liquid Divinium. I must wait for the weekly reset in order to obtain another. In my haste to chew my candy, I do not see the set of rockets fired at me by the new miniboss. I am downed, and am congratulated for reaching round six.



Thanks for reading this silly wall of text, I just come off of a game on Shadows of Evil and decided to vent my frustrations in a more fun way. I hope I'm not alone when I say that zombies has grown to be a little ridiculous with all of the side ventures we are forced to go on for every little thing. I just want a cool sword, not an hour of boredom!

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I agree. The mode does need to expand each time to add new things and keep the game fresh, but I'd really prefer it if they could come up with a way of keeping the core of the mode intact. Meaning, if I wanted to, on any map, I should be able to just hop on and kill zombies with my only worries being that I need to open doors and find a power switch. When the game mode relies on repetition there needs to be both a simple version and a complex one. Meaning I can get involved in all the side stuff for special weapons and hidden perks, or I can ignore them and just kill zombie if I choose. 


Shadows of Evil would benefit from this, especially since it has the new features to allow for a varied experience.  The map should be able to be played without ever going into beast mode. Why not have a switch for the perk machines outside and have a regular PaP somewhere like the docks. This way, I could just hop on and have fun for a few rounds. Then if I wanted to, I could use Beast mode to start the EE, open shortcuts, do the rituals, turn on the hidden perk machines, and then head to the underground to open the 2nd PaP that includes new weapon upgrades like Fireworks. That stuff should all be a little more hidden instead of being told to do the second we start the map. That should all be easily ignored rather than thrown in our face each game.


Its not really that big of a deal, but a slight annoyance seeing as how this is the direction the new maps are all taking. Its especially annoying for me because I'm a huge fan of splitscreen and getting my friends who have been falling out of gaming to play. I spent many nights enjoying BO1 zombies with my girlfriend who never plays video games but got the itch after I made her try. BO2 killed that itch because she found it too complicated. Same with my friends who all loved WaW and BO. To the casual gamer, things like beast mode and guys barking orders at us turn people away from what should be a really inviting mode. That stuff should all be the meat of the map we can get into when we feeling like going deeper. But the core of every map should be simple. 

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This gave me a chuckle in the work day & has certainly highlighted some of the main gripes we have with the 'new' stuff, I hope your prediction is however a little more delayed than 2016!


As a side note, with all of the EE exploring & speculation, I like to believe there is still something there even though I have my reservations. However, for me your post has resonated strongly with there being no EE as its always nice to have a map that you just begin playing straight away. Put opinions of Buried to one side, it was very hard to just begin playing that map normally as you knew you could set everything up ridiculously early (& one of the problems in SOE that it is compulsory for PAP but that's another story) as a result maybe there really is nothing in the giant to just keep it nice and simple! 


I only discovered nacht about 3-4 months ago, easily one of my favourite maps for its pure simplicity. (and lack of Jug)

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I completely agree, and this is why i was disappointed Survival and Grief did not return, i play Cell Block and Borough more than MOTD and Buried so i dont have to worry about the tedious setup, i can just go in and kill zombies, perks already on, PAP in the spawn room already active. Have SoE be the main event, but each district could easily be made into a survival map, with perks and PaP in there ready to go, 2 box locations, boom. I mean, Tranzit was bad, as was its survival maps but far more play Town than Tranzit as everything in Tranzit was in Town without the setup, no avagadro, no bus, it was all in one area. Lets see what could've been done with SoE survival maps:


Map 1: Easy Street, Junction, Door access to rift and PaP.

Map 2: Canal District, teleport access to rift and PaP

Map 3: Waterfront District, teleport access to rift and PaP.

Map 4: Footlight District, teleport access to rift and PaP.

Combined you have SoE

(All ritual areas would be open by default, Shield built automatically at buildable locations, WW in box, there could still be boss rounds, rift would be accessible in all maps so PaP doesn't have to move)


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You got a laugh out of me.


I think that is more streamlined in bo3, in bo2 solo games, you spent hours running around the map doing busywork. In this game, at least it is all in an hour.


That being said, i still find the grab and go style of WaW zombies to be the best.


It used to be that you just got what you need and survived. Now it is trying to survive early rounds while doing busywork.


I would love a survival version of SoE, where there is no Beast, stairs are open, Rifts are open, PaP is open, shield is built, and the WW is in the box. Power switch is in the Subway.

Maybe scatter the Civil Protector Fuses randomly around the map or 1 in each of the farthest locations because he is rather strong.


Then you could j just jump in and survive.


Maybe this mode would unlock once you prestige, so that have played the map as is now for 35 levels. That would be awesome.


I find myself instead; doing the achievements (all done, easy), doing start room challenges, making as many zombies as possible on round 1, and other silly little things because it's too late to start a 50 round game of busywork.


Sadly, I'm on 360, so no quick Giant games for me (though i still throw in WaW zombies instead).

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Hey folk.

Check out my 'Moar zombie maps inside' thread in the Shadows of Evil forum.

I break the SoE map into little survival maps. There won't be any leaderboards, ha, but they make pretty decent survival maps (and a few in there actually add to the busywork/difficulty if you're a masochist) and i have to say they have been fun.

Sample: open the $500 door and just one $1000 door and you have a decent survival map: Jugger (or sc, or dt2), Qr, Su, perks, an smg wall buy (2 if you open the rift), a couple GobbleGums, possible box location, and just enough space to fight mawgra.

Remember to put attachments on a gun in those areas if possible.

Check it out. I put a decent amount of thought into them. I'm loving them when i only have an hour to play!

Edit: if you are concerned about leaderboards, simply go to Zombies>local>SoE. It will not affect leaderboards.

 You will only have classic GobbleGum, but they are all unlocked in local.

Edited by 83457
Local mode

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