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Getting Reset?

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Hi so i was playing SOE on xbox 1 with 3 of my friends. we were on round 25 i have the wonder weapon and a pack-a-punched ray gun. We were playing normal and suddenly my character pulled out the bloodhound pistol and i had lost all my points and guns. we ended up dying because of it. anyone else experience this?


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It's been a common counter Treyarch put in for glitchers since Black Ops 1. Sam/Richtofen laughs, and takes your points and weapons. For some reason it seems to be acting up in normal gameplay. For some reason the Bloodhound/MR6 comes out, and the game thinks "Oh, you've got an extra weapon when you shouldn't have, you're glitching!" There's no real counter method unfortunately, so I think we just have to wait for a patch.

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I experienced this on The Giant map playing solo. I was on round 29 when I got cornered. My quick revive was picking me up then Sam laughs and all my guns were cycled through ending up with the starter pistol.. It may be related to the special weapon. If you have Mule Kick, you technically have 4 weapons instead of 3. Game could be having trouble recognizing this. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

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Happened to me yesterday! Was playing on The Giant with 3 of my friends when I was just walking around at the end of a round (I had quick revive, Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, and mule kick from the free perk gumball and I just suddenly went down. I was swatted by a zombie ONE TIME and when my friend picked me up, I still had my PAPED Dingo and PAPED WunderWaffe when it started to cycle me through those two guns and the starting pistol. I then lost both guns and my 8,000 points. Couple rounds later THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO MY FRIEND.

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