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I don't know if this type of thread has been published already but i found something interesting on reddit just now...


"TL;DR: Blast furnace is OP for running trains.
Blast Furnace is unique in the sense that it is the only Alternate Ammo type where the kills count towards weapon level and camo. ADS-ing as they burn probably makes it count for the Optic challenges, but it's probable that will get you killed anyway.
I believe all the Alternate Ammo types can trigger on hit, per shot (with the exception of Fire Works which works per-kill), which makes shotguns and burst-fire weapons very good for triggering trains with Blast Furnace and other A-A Types. This also means Double Tap 2.0 will trigger the effects twice as often.
Blast Furnace ignites all zombies within a certain radius and those zombies will be annihilated after a few seconds. All kills count towards guns and leaderboards.
Fire Works instantly kills most zombies within the area and seems to be more powerful with instant kill weapons like snipers. The kills count towards leaderboards.
Dead Wire instantly kills one zombie and chains to a few others in a Wunderwuffe-style fashion. Dead Wire is arguably the most underwhelming A-A type. Kills count towards leaderboards.
Thunder Wall kills most zombies within a radius in a psuedo-Thundergun style fashion. I'm 99% sure that kills count towards leaderboards.
Turned will transform a zombie into a 'fake human' in a less effective, more powerful V-R11 fashion. The turned zombie will instantly kill any zombie it attacks, however it will rarely distract the zombies. Kills do not count towards leaderboards.
All A-A types have a cooldown. /u/Fuklz gave me some helpful information regarding this: "None of them have to end to be reapplied. Dead Wire has a 5 second cooldown, BF has a 15 second cooldown, Turned has a 15 second cooldown. I am not sure about the other two but Fireworks has the longest CD."
If there's anything I missed, feel free to add information in the comments."


The original thread for those curious: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/3tg465/detailed_guide_of_the_alternate_ammo_types_fire/


I figured I would post this for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I in no way claim this as my own. But I will ask: What do you guys have to offer in the way of more information? Damage stats? Hard evidence of a cooldown or % chance ammo use?


Especially you PC guys that can dive into the game files and the code. The world needs to know!

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Thanks for the info. I don't have much to add, but i have this;


Lucky Crit GGum increases the chance of alternate ammo, but it seems to happen often enough i wouldn't waste a GG slot on it myself. But I haven't tried it, so maybe I'm missing some awesome effect.


BF works great, looks great.

FW works about as well, looks sillier.

TW i assume works as well, but never looks to me like it's doing as much work.

Turned... Oh turned. It's a real laugh the first time that a 1-armed, headless zombie starts tearing up his grave-mates, but he kills the last zombie and other annoying things and just doesn't seem do that much work. Also, i keep wondering how someone got in my solo game (he gets a green teammate-like name: Turned). :)


Correct me if I'm wrong.

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