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Cracking the ranking system

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Hey guys.


I only frequent CODZ for zombies.  I have been thinking about ranking and the quickest possible way to actually rank up for a guide I'm thinking of doing.


With the new ranking system, is there going to be anywhere out there which already lists the things you can do for XP?


If not, does anyone want to help me ascertain them all so I can theorise on the fastest way to rank?


I believe that right now the fastest way is the catwalk on The Giant, constantly switching between weapons until about round 32 or so.  Much past that the rounds take too long and the XP caps.


Thanks, Chopper

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I actually just saw a post from /r/codzombies last week about this, here you go.





Zombies: (Instakill or No Instakill)

  • Full Horde (With headshots) - up to 1625 exp
  • Knife Kill - 100 exp
  • Headshot Kill - 75 exp
  • Body Kill - 50 exp
  • Leg Kill - 50 exp
  • Grenade Kill - 50 exp

Rounds 1-20:

  • Round Exp - (N x 50)
  • N = Round number

Rounds 21 and above:

  • 1000 exp

Non-Map Specific:

  • Teammate Revive - 250 exp (Thank you /u/spmFD)
  • Open a Door - 250 exp
  • Powerup Pickups - 0 exp, even the Nuke

The Giant map specifics:

  • Dogs: (Instakill or No Instakill)
  • Knife Kill - 100 exp (Thank you /u/Shoisk)
  • Headshot Kill - 75 exp
  • Body Kill - 50 exp

Shadows of the Dead map specifics:

  • Round Skipping via shooting the Shadow Man:

  • to Round 5 - 200 exp

  • to Round 10 - 450 exp

  • to Round 15 - 700 exp
    In all, you get 1350 exp for skipping to Round 15 via shooting the Shadow Man.

  • Completing Pack-a-Punch - 500 exp (Thank you /u/ULTRAFATTONI)

  • Margwa Kill - 500 exp

  • Flying Things - 50 exp

  • Rolling Meatballs of Death - 50 exp

  • Margwa Wonder Weapon Kill - 50 exp

  • Little Arnie Kill - 50 exp

  • Civil Protector Spawn (falls on a zombie) - 50 exp

  • Kills by Civil Protector - 0 exp

  • Sword Kill (Flying Things) - 50 exp

  • Sword Kill (Zombies) - 50 exp

  • Sword Kill (Ground Slam Zombies) - 0 exp (Weird, I might be wrong though)

  • Gate Keepers - 0 exp

  • Rituals - 0 exp

  • Margwa Head - 0 exp

  • Kills While on Beast Mode - 0 exp

  • Chain Trap Kill - 0 exp


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Thanks @Rissole25 that's a great start.


I just need to work out the gun and gum specific now.

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I will try and see if I can dig out the post but one individual who was simply racing to max prestige did as you said, camp on the cat walk, with that being said there were 2 interesting points that I do not have an answer to.


He was head shotting zombies on very early rounds instead of knifing & he would get pretty much to round 40 & then stop, rinse, repeat.


Ill come back to you if I can find the details as I am curious but it appears to be a pretty generic system, time & kills = xp, with skill speeding it up slightly. Nothing like trying to figure out the mess that was Bo2's ranking system haha

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