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What are you thankful for? Zombies!

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So thanksgiving is right around the corner (for those of us that are from the USA) and with all the really negative news that's been going on in the world recently i thought it would be good to have a thread here about what it is you're thankful for.


I was originally thinking about this in terms of zombies, like what the game-mode has done for you or why it has had some sort of positive (or negative) impact on your life that has led you to where you are today. But upon review I've come to the conclusion that whether its about zombies or not really doesn't matter. What matters is that you're a decent human being with a decent life and things to be grateful for in general, so list whatever you want, game related or otherwise, I just want to hear from everyone what it is you have to say.


I'll get it started. I'm grateful to zombies, for starters because whenever I'm having some sort of rough patch in my life, whether it be with my family, friends, girlfriend, job, etc, it's always there. The game is inanimate and cannot express any emotional response and yet I've played it hundreds if not thousands of hours and its become a staple in my life for the past 5 years of my life. So I'm grateful for always having something to go back to, to lean on when times get difficult, to just zone out to and mindlessly yet tactically destroy the undead on my TV. So that's why I'm grateful for the game.


Back in reality, I'm grateful for actual tangible things too. I'm grateful for the rough over my head, the fact that I get food and water on a regular and uninhibited basis everyday, and the fact that I don't have to freeze because of my nice winter coat. I'm thankful that I have all the material goods that I could really need at any given time, and I don't really have to want for anything more than the hours or days it takes to earn the money to buy said thing.


And then of course there are the people in my life. I'm grateful for my parents for dealing with all the BS I've put them through the past few years, being a teenager and whatnot. They stuck around and didn't get all pissy, and their patience with me exceeds all expectations. I'm thankful for my brother and sister for always being there, whether as a person to vent to, or a person to absolutely crush in star wars battlefront 2 on the PS2 (if you missed this era, I'm sorry. You missed part of human history). My girlfriend is next of course, 4 hardest years of my life that I've had, and she's stuck by through every time I've screwed it up. She's my rock. And of course, my friends, both IRL and otherwise, who are always there, also to be people I can mercilessly crush in star wars battlefront 2 :D


Over all, it hasn't been too bad of an existence, and I'm lucky that I've rolled through 19 years, and done a bang up job doing so. And I have those around me (and zombies) to thank for it.


So how about it guys? What is it you're thankful for?

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Damn, saddened by the lack of response to this post, because everyone could use this sort of positivity nowadays.


I'm certainly thankful for zombies. It's definitely one of my favorite video game modes of all time. I think shirtless did a pretty good job of summing up the reasons.


Aside from that, definitely thankful for everything else in my life. My family, my friends, my girlfriend, my cats (for sure, can't live without em), and the fact that my situation is pretty good. I'm almost halfway through college and have a bright-looking future, while a lot of people in this country and the world don't have access to an education. I'm a really privileged dude, and I'm super thankful for that.


Good post, shirtless. Come on, CoDz. Tell us what you're thankful for!

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Thinking back, it actually started my friendships with a lot of people. I started on the Wii, really, and played so much Kino with people - as a result, I have met so many friends. This started my work in games journalism, and created many good times in general.


I'm also thankful for how awesome it is. Like, seriously. Few games have stories so well done as Zombies... we don't really know what is going on, but we do. I love it.

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Thankful for Gubblegums and many other things. 

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