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No Mega Gobblegum? (Xbox 360)

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Edit: This post was entirely rewritten.


I am disabled/poor, so i do not have the xbone.


Xbox 360 fyi: if you are playing on the 360 still, like i am (cries), you will not be shown (as of 11.16.2015) what gobblegum that you acquire from Dr. Monty's Factory as you acquire it.


However, you are still getting them.


After spending your divinium at DMF, go to 'gobblegum', 'customize gobblegum pack', and pick one that you would like to change. At this next menu, you will see the option to switch between 'classic' and 'mega'. Go to the mega option and you will see your mega balls there and how many you have acquired.


(Rewrote paragraph): as the megas pop up, you have a split second to read the names of each before they disappear.


Thanks to those who tried to help me with this. Sorry I'm poor, feel free to donate me an xbone, as i won't say no to your generosity. 


Happy gaming! And Zombies are back, huzzah!

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3 minutes ago, PortlyLlama80 said:

Weird, you should have gotten plenty of Gobblegums by now, and I have the mega gobble menu myself.

I have figured out the problem. I will edit the first post to reflect what I've learned.

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40 minutes ago, 83457 said:

Hey guys,


I've spent well over 60 divinium on Dr. Monty's machine. I've done single, double, and triple and have not seen a single gumball. Is this normal?


There was just an update, but still no gobblegum. Playing online.


Edit: every video that i watch shows folk getting gumballs on every spin.


Ah, there is not even a mega gobblgum menu. It is missing, so i guess that will eventually be added. There are challenges for using them, as well as stat trackers for them, so I'm confused as to why they are not included.


Well, at least the update reduced the large number of frozen games...


Yet another cod programming disaster. Ha ha.

What pattform are you on?

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19 minutes ago, Lenne said:

What pattform are you on?

I don't touch pattform...


360, yes, it sucks to be me. All cleared up now, thanks for trying to help this old blind fool. :)


P.S. once i looked, i found that i have 5 Perkaholic and 6 Killing Time ultra-rares. So i went from sad to glad.

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Further 360 FYI: I'm posting this since there is so little 360 info on the web.


If you do not have xbox LIVE and you purchased the 360 version, you will only be able to play Local games and you will not have access to Dr. Monty's Factory and cannot acquire Mega Gobblegum in Local. As a small consolation prize, all of the normal gobblegums are unlocked at start as there is no leveling up.


Also, in Local only; the ability to change up the attachments is unlocked from start since there is no leveling up. As of 11.16.2015, it is, however, glitched; whatever attachments/sights that you choose will be exactly the same on every gun, even if not possible (like RDS on a sniper). The attachments that can work, do work fine. So i suggest going to smgs, putting grip, long barrel, fast mags, and a likable sight on it and whatever carries over will have to do (this will improve some of the earliest weapons).


Also, under secondaries, the rocket launcher jumps around visually as you look at it in the menu.


In conclusion, 2 thoughts: 1, these minor glitches will most likely be addressed, possibly depending on sales volume of the 360 version, and 2, you can use Local (especially once the attachments glitch is patched) to try out all of the NORMAL, non mega, gobblegum (all unlocked) and different attachments before heading out to play mp games as a little preparation and foreknowledge is always good.


Happy gaming, CODZ!

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