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Which Classic Map Next?

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I have a general grasp on the zombies storyline (i don't even think Treyarch fully know what is going on XD) and i just wondered which map you guys think/hope will be remastered next? Storyline wise Shi No Numa could be fascinating, but personally I would love Kino der Toten or Ascension, as they haven't been explained much in the storyline and could have plenty more secrets put in.


Also those two maps are such a blast to play.

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I'm pretty much good with any map currently as long as they don't just remake them with no big Easter egg or no new additions... I mean I love those maps but playing them in the small scale that compared to the massive scale of origins and other maps it would feel just like how I'm currently feeling with "The giant" 

I love the classics but I don't want to be playing on a tiny map with a tiny Easter egg that I'll be done with in 2 days.

I do hope they come out with a all zombies dlc like they did for bo1

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Treyarch have said that they have no plans to remake any classic maps... but that could change, of course.


Shangri-La and Moon would make the most sense story-wise, and remember that there was an alternate loading screen for Moon teased in that video a while back (though that could mean anything). Thing is, neither of these maps are exactly "fan favorites" (which is a shame, because goddamn, I love Shangri-La).


Kino and Ascension are possibilities, but honestly, I think a map that would make a lot of sense to remake would be Call of the Dead. Story-wise it would make sense - Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo are looking for the test subjects (their alternate selves), and the radios suggest that a majority of the time, they were kept at the Eagle's Nest base, which was where CotD took place. Not to mention, CotD is easily one of the most popular maps - I have many friends who say that it's their favorite map of all time. Obviously the O4 would replace the actors, and they'd probably need a character to replace George (an alternate Maxis?) but I think that a CotD remake would make a lot of sense and sell really well.

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It does seem like they are hinting towards a Moon remaster, with that different loading screen. It's honestly the next map I'd like to see a remaster of anyway. Seeing a cutscene set on the Moon, would just be great for me.

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I agree. It is strongly suggested and hinted that a moon remake is coming soon. I personally have no problem with this because moon was both a fun and challenging map. It also has one of the most fun easter eggs to date. 

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