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What happened to the Ray Gun Mark II (and III?)

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I can't have been the only one disappointed to find out the Ray Gun Mark II has not returned nor nothing of a Mark III. I would've thought they would keep the tradition of having the Ray Gun in every map regardless of which version. The Ray Gun is present of course but seems to be no different than its BO2 counterpart and still has splash damage, the Mark 2 was such a good weapon and probably one of the best things BO2 zombies brought. I had hope maybe it'll be exclusive to SP holders. Or when you reach prestige 2 or something you have access to it - that would give me incentive to prestige which right now there is none. I really hope they dont bring it back though via a new DLC, essentially making us pay for it again. Anyone else hoping it returns?

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I didn't expect to see it back, and I don't mind either. The gun was ridiculously OP. The regular Ray Gun, and Wonder Weapon on each map is all you need.

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The Ray gun Mk II didn't appear until Buried. Assuming no crazy-wonky-flip-floppy time nonsense, both The Giant and SOE take place well before then.

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12 hours ago, Boom said:

The Ray gun Mk II didn't appear until Buried. Assuming no crazy-wonky-flip-floppy time nonsense, both The Giant and SOE take place well before then.

So did Origins and it still appeared in there, the box pulls weapons from multiple eras.

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