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The Main Antagonist of BO3? (Spoilers)

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Hey guys. So I just got done seeing the ending of Nightmares, and it got me thinking. In Zombies in BOIII, Richtofen and Co. are trying to save the universe from an ancient evil. If you've seen the radio that Maxis has where he talks about dimensions, or the one where Nikolai mentions he has killed Richtofen several times, it should become clear that Zombies is going multidimensional.


What if the antagonist, Deimos, from Nightmares is actually this evil that approaches? In the mode, Deimos himself even says that he has seen several dimensions, Nightmares, one where Corvus created an AI (the campaign), and even ones that don't have Earth in it. He and Dolos come from an alternate reality, Malum, that is supposed to be truly evil. With the word "evil" being thrown around so often, it made me think that perhaps they are one and the same.


Furthermore, Deimos and Dolos are described as brother and sister. The gods of terror and trickery. They are also often compared to children in Nightmares. (Notice that Deimos and Dolos are from Greek mythology, but I can't find any mention of them being related, or Dolos being female, so the mythology here seems to either deviate or be incorrect.) Here's a crazy thought, but what if they are Samantha and Eddy? Dolos even mentions at one point that Father might get angry. Maxis? Although to be fair, they do list off a bunch of Greek gods at one point, so it could just be that.


Oh and for those of you who haven't seen much of Nightmares, it does seem to be related to the story in some regard. The agent that is zombifying everyone is 61-15 (Nova-6 and Element 115 combined).


At the end of Nightmares, Deimos is killed, but Dolos lives on. So perhaps Dolos may be the antagonist of not just Zombies but Call of Duty as a whole.


Now I'm not speaking on the borderline-amateur nature of re-dubbing the campaign, but I thought this was interesting.

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Very intresting. I havent seen the ending yet or much of the Nightmares storyline at all (1st mission) but im all over this now!! Thanks MMX! KUDOS to you sir

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No problem! Also, I believe there was one line that says that Deimos was from our world in the distant past, or something like that. It is what got me thinking about what if he was Eddy. So, maybe keep an eye out for something interesting like that? If you can, no need to worry over it.

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It's almost perfectly clear to me that our announcer is Dolos, the voice in Nightmare is identical. I can hear her saying "max ammo" and all that, so I'm on the same page with you as far as that goes. As far as I'm concerned, we finally got a name to our announcer.


And a very interesting theory on Maxis, Sam and Eddy. I could see it working out that way to a degree, but of course there are questions that can't be answered as of now, so we'll see. My main question would be why did they mention I think 5 other brothers (of the sea?) and some other entities. Dolos wants complete control over, well everything...but in Nightmare her intentions seem to be somewhat neutral. She has no desire to end humanity as "they will kill themselves in time". Which could either mean Richtofen's decent to madness through [email protected]/BO1 or just the inevitable war that ends life on Earth.

It's a shame I had such a hard time enjoying Nightmare mode, the last two missions were packed so full of good story, I could overlook the recycled cutscenes but wasn't a huge fan of the dialog, like I said until the last couple of missions.

I'd like to see you build more on the theory of Sam and Eddy, I almost want it to be true. Deimos is pretty evil, as is Richtofen, pre Origins as far as we know of, and Samantha I never really considered evil, she just wanted revenge more or less, which I would do the same if I were in that position lol


I don't think many people are playing Nightmare mode, that's a shame. Yes the story is diluted, cutscenes make little to no sense, but every once in a while there is some good dialog that we need to use to fill in these gaps, as MMX has done here.  

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