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The seven mysteries of the game so far.

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On my count, there are seven things we don't truly know the consequence of so far. I warn you, and this is your only warning, reading anything past this will NOT be kept in a spoiler tab, do not ask. There are spoilers. 




Mystery one: -Shadows of evil- 

-#No achievement for the full easter egg


Listed below is a link to the official IGN drop of all the game's secret achievements, however, we do actually know how to obtain all of these achievements, although many have yet to do so. 



That being said, we know that the shadows of evil easter egg proceeds long after the trophy for it is awarded. It seems odd for treyarch to give us SUCH a big objective with no reward out of game. 


---Note: There are rumors of in-game achievements being rewarded for tasks unknown. This could explain the lack of official achievement. 




Mystery 2: The Unmarked Achievement


On the contrary to what was stated prior. There is a secret achievement listed in the game's strategy guide. Below is Resortified video of it: 




Many have speculated it's linked to a gobble gum, others think it's the secret easter egg achievement for shadows of evil. 

However, this may also point towards the giant's easter egg not being complete, as no reward other then the annihilator is received for completing the fly trap. As this map is also DLC, it would make sense it's not a part of the main game's achievement list. 




Mystery 3: The data vault's hidden panel. 


Not many know this, but in the campaign menu where one selects deadops arcade, scroll over the data vault, then holding RB,LB,RT,and LT, push X (or square) then Y (Or triangle). This opens up a secret panel for one to input code. However no combinations have been found as of right now. 

Secretly hoping to see zork again. 


Mystery 4: -Shadows of Evil- 

The margwa helmets


NGT actually managed to find this before any other easter egg steps, but it's a difficult aspect of shooting margwar hearts arround the map while riding the train. Upon doing so will spawn 4 mysterious glowing sparkles arround the map. Collect one and your character will put a margwa's head on their head as a helmet. It is unknown if this is simply cosmetic, or works a bit like the golden helmet from origins, or is a vital part of the easter egg further down the line. 




Mystery 5:  -Shadows of evil-



Around the map there are places containing spike traps who are activated by chains with margwa hearts on the end, and, according to numerous reports on reddit, shocking these hearts with your beastmode tenticles does have an unknown effect. But what? (Sorry no visual evidence of this yet) 



Mystery 6: -The giant-

Zombie Richtofen. 


Accompanied by the odd face you see while teleporting, there is a jumpscare within shadows of evil which brings up a picture of a zombie richtofen. Likewise, the giant's gameplay trailer showed numerous clips from cutscenes not used in the game yet, such as richtofen staring into nothing with greivance, and richtofen's body falling into the darkness. 



Mystery #7 -Shadows of Evil-

The glitched wonder weapon


The apoltican's servant in shadows of evil is a powerful weapon, however it can be made even stronger by pack-a-punching it.  Only... There's an issue... The game won't outright let you pack-a-punch the weapon, as much like black ops two's jet gun and seliquifier, there is no PAPed animation, camo, or change to be made for the weapons. 


HOWEVER, in shadows of evil, the apothicon's servant can be upgraded through less then adequate means, by swapping from one's secondary to the apothicon mid-animation. Odd thing is, the PAP takes the weapon. Gives it longer lasting, different colored shots with much more amo in the chamber. The weapon becomes super OP this way, but the real thing to take from this is that there IS an animation for it. So at some point, the apothican's servent becomes PAPable,  but through what means.....(Weird, can't find a video on it... Weird...) 


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