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Spoilers: Cool things mods can play with come BO3 custom zombies

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So here's a list of things one may enjoy modding in BO3, now, the mod tools have yet to drop, but it has been confirmed they will. Here are just some of the features to work with: 


-Note: I'm not sure if any of these are 100% possible yet so hang in there. And as well, SPOILERS of some features depicting whats in SOE or the giant, below. 


-Cross-map easter eggs. 

You know how in BO1 you needed the COTD easter egg and shangri-la easter egg to do the moon easter egg? Well, now you can implament that into your own set of maps! Making it easy to traverse custom storylines. 


-Afterlife modes

Now you can have entire new modes, wolf-mode? You got it! Margwa mode? Sure thing! We've had this before but now it will be even easier to code and use!



Make your own gobble gum to use in maps with your own rules!


-Customization with weaponry:

Using mods, one can even change the weapon features so you can make your own attachments!


-Specialist style weaponry:

No more will zombie kills count only towards points, now you can use them to get more specialist amo as well! 


-Item holding: 

Gone are the days where items are simplistic push X functions, now you can pick them up and add them to your inventory like in SOE. You can also adjust them to be held specifically by each of the players.


-Elemental upgrades:

Think of it, a few tweeks and double PAPing your gun can give you a chance of receiving a random effect, fireworks is just the begining, imagine random scavenger explosions effect. Op, yes, awesome? YES!




And that's just the tip of the iceberg! What else can be altered now that we couldn't before? Tell me bellow!

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HOLY BALLS. Just realized this: 

Dead ops arcade mods. 

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