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My top 10 new features (Spoilers)

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#10: Visually, as to be expected, the map's great, you never lose the chicago-esque-brick-neon-slime feel. 

#9: SOE has gone hentai. Jason blundel is apperiently familure with tentacle nooki. ;) I for one love the tentacle features, particularly one you WON'T be able to miss slightly further into map discovery. It's just a bit bigger then the margwa ;) 

#8: The margwa is actually SCARRY. One hit kill with jug. That's INSANE. Especially considering it's speed and stocky stance. It's good to see a challenging boss again, but not one that constantly annoys the piss out of you. 

#7: Beast mode is not that beastly: For a second I thought that beast mode would be super OP and be super effective at killing zombies, an every kid would just spam it's use and waste it... Good to see it's very limited and inefficient at killing zombies. 

#6: New starting pistol: The bloodhound, great pistol, mainly because it's actually WEAKER then the M1911, on round 3 6 shots and a knife don't cut it anymore. This makes the weapon really good for points. On the otherhand, it's upgraded form the meatwaggon is the mustang and sally we all love. 

#5: NGT's reaction to all this. There's going to be a SHITLOAD of things those guys will love about this. The new spider perk, the fact the upgraded starting pistol is called "meatwaggon", and generally just HOW LONG their explanation videos are goint to have to be. I for one, love seeing other people respond to things like this, so it's good we still have spider and his freinds to see. 

#4: The shear size of the map is impressive, but not as much as it's replay value. There's plenty of spaces to train before you even get to the tram, once there, you'll find the map is huge, perks spawn in random locations (Like shangri-la), and there is plenty to do. It's impressive to say the least and we'll be able to play this map OVER AND OVER AND OVER again with EASE. 

#3: The tram is GOLD. You can A> call the tram to you. B> Launch the tram when you damn well want to for a mear 500 points. C> Only paracites can fallow you, regular zombies, meatballs, and margwas leave you alone, making it ideal if you have to take a piss mid-round. Hit the tram with a buddy on board, and then just wait for your bros to kill all the zombies why you run to the lue. And D> CHOSE YOUR DESTINATION. Yes you pick where you end up!

#2: Characters arn't LOUD. Sure the shadowman may preach to you a bit durring the start of the round and Nero may have a bit too irish of a voice, but generally the boxer and the cop keep pretty quiet so no more "You forgot to count your amunition marelton!" Or "Oh... not the clicky click sound!"

#1: The best thing about these new zombies, is that CRAWLERS RESPAWN AGAIN! No more keeping one unharmed zombie alive! KILL DA SHTUMPY! 




Edit: NOTE: Dead ops arcade? Yeh it's got MANY upgrades, like vehicle levels, a world map, first-person power ups, and MORE!



So, what do you guys like?

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