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What's the draw?

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With BO3 just over 36 hours away, I keep asking myself why, as someone fast approaching the age of 30, I am so excited about a computer game. No other game in my adult life has drawn me in like this nor do I think another game ever will. 

Originally it was the arcade style game play that drew me in. Learning how to beat the AI then slowly progressing, a few rounds at a time. And whilst I still enjoy that aspect of the game, it's not what keeps me coming back and I think if zombies was just a survival based game without the story and easter eggs, my interest may have waned by now.

I'm not your stereotypical gamer in that I don’t play a wide variety of games, I barely played video games at all for 7 or 8 years after I left school, and graphics mean very little to me. There are plenty of games that look fantastic but the gameplay is a let down. This was evident last week when I finally picked up an Xbox one and despite playing Titanfall, Destiny, FIFA 16, and AW on next gen, the game I've enjoyed most so far is Valiant Hearts, a game with a beautiful soundtrack and story but a game that reminds me of an old school puzzle game.

My obsession with this game made me realise what draws me in with zombies. It can become an old school puzzle game at the click of a button. Initially, it is a survival/arcade game mode, and if you want it to be it can be a fast paced game. But with every last zombie of every round, you have the opportunity to turn it into a very slow paced puzzle game. Hunting for items, trying to piece them together or find where they fit, that’s what sets treyarch zombies apart from other games. I’ve never played a game where the gears can change so quickly. 

It’s never struck me how much zombies replicates these puzzle games before. I can play x amount of rounds of survival based gameplay then with one decision (keeping the last zombie) I can be playing Dizzy : Prince of the Yolkfolk, or Broken Sword. Games that I grew up on and am very fond of.
So with less than 2 days to go, what is the draw for you? What keeps you coming back and spending your hard earned cash?

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I love Valiant Hearts too. It's quite a beautiful, sad game.


I don't know if I can say for sure why I find Zombies so addictive, and why I invest so much time and money into it. But I think a big part of it is the fact that it can almost go anywhere and be anything.


To think we started off in the 1940's fighting Nazi Zombies, and ended up travelling through time, to teleporting to the Moon, and blowing up the Earth, and essentially causing the Zombie apocalypse.


And now it feels like we've come full circle and we've ended up at Der Riese again, where it all effectively began, but with a new story, and new mechanics. It's great to see the mode still evolving 7 years on.


But, yeah it really can be anything, and I think that's what draws me into the mode, time after time.


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Great thread, actually. This is so absurdly true for me-I've got a wife and a baby, a full-time job, and in general, have to be a full-grown adult. Which is cool by me. But I know NO ONE in my personal life who is attached to this game the way I am. Sometimes, when the subject comes up around people who aren't, it's almost embarrassing just because of the stereotypes associated with gamers (though, like you said, I'm not a 'gamer' in the traditional sense. I could count on one hand the other games I have played, though not anymore: Left4Dead, AW, AC: Brotherhood, & Dark Alliance: Baldur's Gate) I don't know how they'll understand that really...it's more than a game. It's a living, breathing mystery. A puzzle, which, though entirely fabricated by a handful of GENIUSES at a game development company, provides psychological challenges like nothing I've ever known. And while I have greater responsibilities and spending my money and time on gaming comes after my little family has been provided for emotionally and financially, this has become one of my top hobbies. Which is why I am so adamant about them sticking to the same story-it's what I've invested in. No other story could get ahold of me the same way. 

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My initial draw was in World at War being drunk or stoned and just enjoying the simplicity of Nacht Der Untoten.  Grab a controller with some buddies, try and grind til Round 10.  Tons of fun.  Wasn't until a few months later a friend showed me the 3 other maps (Verrukt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese) and I was hooked completely.  I mostly like the comraderie and the teamwork.  So much of Call of Duty and its various game modes is based totally on who has the best player or two.  Any team death match game can be won by a couple good players.  Any Domination game can be won by some solid camping.  But zombies?  If you don't work together?  You're screwed.  I like that aspect of it.  It's why it can take you an hour of surfing lobbies to find the right teammates to play, and why it's so rewarding to find a group of people to attack a map with.  It's also why I love CodZ, because so many people are like-minded individuals.  Add into that what they've done to expand not only the game mode, but also the story, and it's why Treyarch Call of Duty is the most anticipated game for me whenever it gets real eased.

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There were a few things that pulled me in. The first thing that probably initially got me into it though was while playing Black Ops (the first one) I had become quite good at cod games, and while I never had much interest in this zombies mode I kept hearing about, I finally tried it out to what all the fuss was about. And for quite some time, I sucked at it. And because of that, I loved it. Here was a game where I could do really well in the main part of it but this one random little side mode was completely stumping me. It took months (at least that's how long it took to find this site, it was around Ascension I believe) to get good at it, and in finding the forums I found out I was still a noob when it came to some of the high rounds people were pulling off.


The second main draw is the characters were probably the best video game characters ever created. Such simple characterizations yet so damn entertaining, I formed my favorites and memorized all the quotes and whatnot. The O4 in my opinion just can't be beat as far as video game ensembles go. Plus the story was so mysterious and so much was left up to us to figure out, even stuff from the beginning we're still debating today and how many other franchises can claim that of their community. Story has always been very important to me in video games and Zombies just kind of hit the jackpot on that one.


The third is that in playing a match of zombies, it can be whatever you want it to be. Competitive or co-op. High round games to holding out in a single room. Training or camping. A wide variety of guns and weapons to come up with all sorts of fun challenges for. Few games really test your controller/keyboard and mouse reflexes like this game can sometimes. Almost 6 years of playing zombies and my greatest personal achievement is being able to run through a whole crowd of freakbags and slip out of them untouched (well like 80% of the time anyway). But it's that freedom of choice of being able to play literally however you want that has kept me here for so so long, and will continue to do so probably for the next several years.

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I feel very much the same,  35 years old and lovin it!!!


Much has been great in Zombies but if I had to pinpoint a single aspect it would be the Story/Mythos surounding the mode. The way it starts, you have to look closely and listen to even first become aware that there IS a story...and as it continues it has been far more interesting than the campaign stories...and now it may all inter-relate!?  That would be cool.

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