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On the subject of weapon kits

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A lot of people are all up in arms over weapon kits, the other form of reward in our zombies xp system. They are saying that the ability to customize guns and/or change weapon locations would be unfair. Well, I am here to correct this problem.

First off, no, you can't change weapon locations. That is not what he said. You can on the other hand customize the weapons you get off the wall and out of the box with the weapon kits. The name implies that they are kits to add to weapons (obviously), but that says a bit more.

I believe that weapon kits will function similar to variants from AW, but not exactly. Say for example you have the sharpshooter kit. It adds a scope and a fore grip to the gun of your choice, if the weapon is applicable. You can add and remove these kits at will, allowing for somewhat personalized guns.

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to comment with your own ideas.

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It's not like you'll be able to put WWs on the wall.

I would imagine that unlike some previous maps, they layout of wall weapons will be more inclusive of all the weapons types instead of a multiple ARs and SMGs with maybe the occasional sniper, pistol or shotty. Also I believe a lot of the customization will be going to the weapons in the box as well, which there can't be any argument for augmenting the weapons in there it has always had the worst and best weapons.

One thing that would be cool though is if when you prestiged, it allowed you to maybe customize the WW a bit. They teased there being a special reward for those who prestige and in zombies, and I really can't imagine a whole lot that they could include for said reward.

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