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Walking Dead in BO3 Zombies???

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This is just speculative, but I've got a feeling that the Walking Dead will somehow be on BO3 Zombies? Perhaps as a campaign style?


There is this image of a menu screen which shows someone sitting around a campfire in a forest?



Then we have the Walking Dead advertisments which is sponsored by Black Ops III. 


A few Youtubers have been sent to New York for the Fan Premier of the first episode too. 


And in the Dice presentation they showed the influence of the Walking Dead on COD: Zombies (Michael Rooker starting in Call of the Dead aswell)


Well, we we shall find out in a few hours when the episode airs on TV. 

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While treyarc has never been against a celebrity cast, something tells me that a full map for a walking dead related thing isn't something they'd do. Unless they can tie it in to the overall zombies story, (aka another film set type map) I can only see some cameos or an advertisement or two on some billboards in-game. The universe's are too different and even for 3 years it would take up a lot of development time for something that a lot of hardcore fans probably won't want to see. At most some item tie-ins, easter egg cameos, or a new type of game-mode like dead ops arcade with less time spent on it than a full map would be likely. As DLC.

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I don't think it would work. As much as I like the idea of doing a codz styled walking dead map, they would literally have to make it mind-blowingly good. Because otherwise people won't get into it and feel like they wasted a map on something that could've maybe had the O4 in it or a better celebrity cast that appeals to more than just one fanbase (Like what CotD did). I feel like we're already getting the celebrity map with SoE too and won't actually see another one in the 2nd map pack, or whenever, for the rest of the game.

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Very interesting. Definitely has me curious. I've gotta agree with @urbanrooster, though. I love TWD and obviously, CoDZ, but I don't see them coming together...unless TWD adopts 115 as its zombification catalyst. 

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I really hope not. It's hard enough sometimes, taking the story serious as it is without there being a Walking Dead map. However, if it were a non-canon map just for fun, I'd have no problem with it.

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