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What the new ranking system could mean

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Hey all, I haven't really posted on here in forever since shortly after the BO2 days and no one probably remembers me anyway, but with zombies (the true version) coming back in full force here soon I thought it might be time to get active in the community once again, but anyways, enough about me.

So with the news of a more robust xp and ranking system being implemented in zombies, I wondered what that could mean for the game mode overall. Of course initial thoughts would be that it would provide some sort of boosts in gameplay a la perma perks and whatnot. But I think it may have bigger implications than we think.

For instance, in the trailer for SoE it appeared that we'll get some extensive backstory on these new characters not just through dialogue and whatever other goodies we'll find in the map, but in cut scenes as well. Now usually the cinematic intros to the maps don't run for too long, roughly around 3 or 4 minutes on average. Of course there's the chance that we could only get brief introductions for all the characters and the setup for the beginning of the map crammed into that short amount of time. But I'm wondering if instead we only get a more in-depth build up to the beginning of the map and then unlock video "bios" of sorts for the characters and maybe even more cut-scenes that delve more into the story of this map through the ranking system, like playing as a certain character and getting to a certain round with them or simply just by spending a lot of time as them or performing certain actions. 

I would just prefer to see something like this because I don't want survival in zombies to be made too easy by unlocking a whole host of abilities and enabling them before the first round even begins.

On a somewhat related note I did also think of the possibility of solo being given more attention and actually seeing a bonus cinematic for whatever character you're playing as in solo pop up before or after playing a match as well.


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Video bios are a fantastic idea! 


But they have said that one's rank will effect gameplay, but not in a way that's OP to one's self. Like I DOUBT one needs to unlock ranks to gain access to perks like many have theorized. But maybe we can unlock gummed maps? Like say getting to rank 5 will unlock survival mode in the Ruby Rabbit. Rank 10 unlocks turned in "The giant" and so on and so forth. 

I feel like as long as the maps are released in the lower ranks it'd be fine to unlock maps that way. 

I also think RANK should be specific to map, not over-all. Because why one can be GREAT at "The giant", they could suck in Shadow of Evil. 

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I definitely agree that each map should have its own separate ranking system. I like the idea of unlocking the various side game modes through that, it's reminiscent of the old days of unlocking a zombie map after beating the campaign that I actually kind of miss. I feel like many games in this day and age however don't usually opt for having bonus game modes locked from the getgo. Even BO2 had the 2 survival and grief "maps" unlocked from the beginning. I know we'll be getting some gameplay advantages through the ranking system, I just hope whatever they are that they truly are fairly minimal and don't end up being more OP than Treyarch thinks it will be. Another possibility could be that ranking up also unlocks vanity stuff like concept art or different PaP camos.

I don't want them to start dumping the whole story on us, the mystery of zombies has always been one of its greated draws, but I don't think character bios and any other snippets of information about a map would be too extraneous to include as part of unlocks for a ranking system. They've promised that it will make every match feel different and I'm not entirely sure that's possible with zombies short of parts of the map being randomly generated. I love it to death but it does suffer from repetitiveness quite a bit so the fact that they're even attempting to do something about that is music to my ears.

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I hope the ranks wont have too much of an impact on the actual gameplay.

Cosmetic stuff and story is fine by me.

I do remember you.

Welcome back to the site. :3

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Why thank you!

Yeah I'm just mostly worried about zombies becoming too easy, or too much about who has what abilitly and not letting people play because they don't have the ability yet.

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