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Zombies: Grief

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Uh..... Why has nothing been said. Asked. Or even mentioned about grief???

If their is no grief then i will not pre order CE edition. And i will not donate or participate in ur charitable contest.

Realy realy let down to hear nothing of it.

I have a feeling u hacked up zombies and this will be a huge dissapointment for ur World at War zombie fans.


Thoughts? Opinions?

Someone at comic con should grief them >.>

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Greif was an undetermined mode. Some people liked it but a lot never bothered to play it as people would constantly drop from the game. 

There's a good chance it will be back though. 

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Did anyone like Grief?

I only ever played it with friends to get 8 player coop on one map. We actually played grief with the intent of not greifing each other.
Otherwise I thought the gamemode was pointless, just like turned.

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It was a nice side game to mess around in. But it was baron most of the time. 

If it is back, I will embrace it, if it is not, then it's not that big of a deal. I think a lot of griefs problems with the population was that it negatively effected your rank. With everyone so concerned about rank, they never got the opportunity to have that euphoric moment like in survival. Turned had a similar problem.

Edit: I mean I thoroughly enjoyed it. I played like 500 games on Farm. Grab your friends, and play a quick game that takes 20 minutes instead of 3 hours. It was just unfortunate that it was a lot of the same people playing all the time.

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