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Custom map - Farm (Black Op 2)

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Black Ops 2 Farm




= Features =

- Farm 2.0's map has been improved with some more added detail
- Now runs on a personal mod `Unique` featuring bits and peices from numerous CoD Titles

::Newly Added Features::

- New startup menu to customize how you want to play
- Work in Progress HUD (May change in newer maps)
- Round counter shows when there are 9 or less zombies left
- Weapon leveling (More info below)
- Added PHD Flopper
- Added Electric Cherry
- 2 New bosses have been added
- Modern Warfare 3 Survival style Claymores (More info below)
- Weapons from BO1, BO2 and MW2 (May change in newer maps)
- Crawling while downed in co-op

:: Modern Warfare 3 Survival Style Claymore ::

Claymores is a repurchasable item and not a one time buy.
Each 1000 spend you on claymores off the wall you will recieve 5 claymores.
Players can hold no more than 10 claymore's and can not have anymore than 10 claymores on the ground.
Claymores can be picked back up by the placer.
When a claymore senses an enemy in front of it, It will take just under a second to detonate.
Max ammo will resupply players with some claymores


:: Weapon Leveling ::

Each hit a player deals on a zombie will work towards leveling that players weapon up.
Of coarse each weapon has it's own level to the player.
For every level up, The player will recieve max ammo for that gun and slightly increase the damage.
Weapon Level to that gun won't be lost if traded with a new weapon and then later retrieved.

= Credits =

- TheScotchGuy    = Many thanks to him for helping me do extensive testing
- RamboBadAss    = Weapons and Animations
- Xmonkey154X   = Testing and support
- HitmanVere      = Weapons and Testing
- Redspace200    = Animations and help with scripts
- Smasher248       = Testing and support
- RichGaming       = Testing
- shippuden1592   = Tranzit zombies
- deper         = (I believe did the tranzit zombie models)
- IZaRTaX      = Textures
- Ray1235      = For his incredibly awesome new tools that I hope he releases soon
- MrDunlop4 - Bug findings
- daedra descent - Bug findings
- l3ryso - Bug findings


Download link & Original content: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=6274.0

Farm Preview Trailer  

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Once again, like I said for the Town remake, while this map is basically the same as the original, I don't think I'll be playing it any time soon. It's a shame that PaP wasn't added, either, since it's something the original map was lacking. I do have to applaud the makers for including the new features like the weapon leveling and multiple Claymores, though. Hopefully, it's something to see and expect in future releases from this modder.

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Once again, like I said for the Town remake, while this map is basically the same as the original, I don't think I'll be playing it any time soon. It's a shame that PaP wasn't added, either, since it's something the original map was lacking.

Although the town remake has a major difference that makes it worth playing, this map is pretty much an identical port from the BO2 version with just a few subtle differences. It should be noted though that DuaLVII was not actually intending on releasing this map publically and it was only when we persuaded him to that he added the additional content to it and fixed a few minor issues.


This map is actually made to fit in with the other locations on a custom version of Tranzit that is being made by some members of the UGX community who plan to remake the map to look identical to Tranzit from BO2 but with tons of new features to make it that map that we should have got originally so this is just a demo map of sorts.


You can check out the Tranzit 2.0 thread here: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=5992.0 I will add it to the WIP section later today.

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